Friday Links

The Brooklyn Bridge Forest project brings yet another link to preservation + sustainability. The general idea? Growing and responsibly maintaining a tropical hardwood forest to replace the 11,000 planks of tropical hardwood on the Brooklyn Bridge when necessary, rather than using uncharacteristic synthetic wood.

Love Route 66? Scott Piotrowski has picked up his blogging again (hooray!) about Historic Roads in Los Angeles County, CA. He plans to uncover the final 66 miles of Route 66 in 66 different blog entries leading up to 2012 Route 66 Festival in Santa Monica. That sounds like quite the task – and interesting one at that! Leave a comment on his blog with suggestions & encouragement.

Speaking of Route 66, who wants to buy the NR listed Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico? It’s for sale!

And, if you’re a fan of the movie Cars you may know that Disneyland is opening “Cars Land” in summer 2012. Scroll down for a bit info and some pictures.

Anyone attending the Society for Industrial Archaeology’s Fall Tour in Vermont this September? I’ll be there, helping out with the Saturday Burlington tour.

Looking for a job? Many have been appearing on PreserveNet lately, many more than earlier in the summer.

Is anyone taking the Ivy Tech (Madison, IN) online course: Introduction to Historic Preservation? I’d be interested to hear about your experiences.

Any starting your undergrad major or graduate degree in preservation? Please share!

Happy weekend; hope the last one of August treats you well! Get out and about while it’s still warm and sunny!


4 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Sabra Smith says:

    Guess we’re both loving the weather and thinking about sitting outside looking up at the passing clouds — I see your happy cloud above and I just posted a photo with blue sky and little fluffy shreds of clouds.

  2. Sabra Smith says:

    Oh, and thanks for the info on the Brooklyn Bridge Forest. Fascinating. Puts me in mind of a little oral history I just learned from my dad. He took my kids on a weeklong Rails to Trails bike trip that started on the Battleship New Jersey. My dad served on the USS Wisconsin, the sister ship and told my sons about the practice of “holey-stoning”: every week the deck was hosed down and sand thrown over the teak planking. A line of midshipman used a brick with a hole in it (hole-y stone) into which you inserted a sort of broom handle to scrub each plank. At the sound of the whistle, they stopped and moved forward one plank and started all over again. Can you imagine an entire battleship deck made of teak and scrubbing it plank by plank each week?

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