Bennington Battle Day

Unless you live in Vermont or are a Revolutionary War history enthusiast, you probably haven’t heard of Bennington Battle Day. It is a Vermont state holiday that commemorates the important Battle of Bennington on August 16, 1777, a victory that helped to deplete British forces and supplies, and led to their eventual defeat at Saratoga. The battle actually occurred in New York, but was over weapons and munitions kept in Bennington. I cannot summarize the Battle, but the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation has a well-written, understandable summary about the prelude, the battle, and the monument. The monument, a 306′ tall obelisk, will be lit tonight from dusk-10pm. Today, Bennington, Vermont, celebrates the holiday with a parade, a road, picnics, and a living history reenactment including the firing of real cannons!

Bennington Battle Monument is one of Vermont’s four state historic sites dedicated to the Revolutionary War; it is in good company with Mount Independence, Hubbardton Battlefield, and the Old Constitution House.