Preservation Photos #133

Original door hardware is hard to find, as are original doors, particularly on commercial buildings. The doors and locks are often replaced, though sometimes you can find them on doors that are no longer main entrances. This door handle is such an example. Found in Randolph, VT. Take a second and look around the old buildings that you frequent – what details remain? 


8 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #133

  1. J. Mark Souther says:

    When we reshingled the exterior of the rear corner of our 96-year-old house, we insisted on restoring the milk delivery door. It serves no function but is an important piece of context.

    • Kaitlin says:

      Oh man, I forgot to take a photograph of the entire building. But it’s the commercial block adjacent to the playhouse/movie theater. It is the wood frame building covered in metal (aluminum?) siding that is made to look like stone. On Route 12 just south of the depot. Hope that helps!

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