East Barnet Inwood Station

If you’re cruising along US Route 5, following the Connecticut River on the eastern side of Vermont, you’ll pass by this Vermont oddity: the East Barnett Inwood Station. Apparently saved from demolition and relocated from Quincy, NH, this small depot sits among abandoned train cars and rail side lines, with trucks and a water tower on board. It is private property, but take a look at these images from the road.


Box cars set to appear approaching Inwood Station in East Barnett Inwood Station.


East Barnet Inwood Station rail side lines, in foreground and background.


East Barnett Inwood Station. The building says Inwood.


East Barnett Inwood Station, rail side lines. See the water tower (yellow with conical top).

Despite my best efforts at searching, I cannot dig up any information on this property. Who can shed some light?


5 thoughts on “East Barnet Inwood Station

  1. Jerri says:

    That property is the property of the old East Barnet elementary school, and some nice people live there (at least as of 2014). Inwood is the old name of at least part of Barnet. It is still an official name for the locale represented by the 05821 Zip Code, which covers much of Barnet and part of Peacham. There is also an Inwood Lane very close to this Inwood Station.

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