Preservation Pop Quiz

A pop quiz, of the “this one or that one” type, and why?

All other elements being equal (hypothetically), would you choose:

This railing?

Railing #1

Railing #1

OR this railing?

Railing #2

Railing #2

Please provide your reason for choosing one over the other.


9 thoughts on “Preservation Pop Quiz

  1. Nathan Frazee says:

    I would pick railing 2 in the current conditions. The reason behind this is the unfinished wood looks temporary and has a much larger visual appearance. Additionally from a maintenance and safety standard wood is less desirable typically.

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I know nothing of preservation, but I like the wood or #1. Why? It wouldn’t be cold when I grab it and it just looks like it flows with building. Hope I didn’t embarrass myself! Ha!

  3. Chad says:

    Railing 2 because it clearly articulates that we are not trying to look historic. I strongly believe in making a clear distinction between old and new.

  4. merlin1942 says:

    Railing #1 could look okay if it were painted. A huge pet peeve of mine is historic homes and buildings with pressure treated wood. It looks cheap, is obviously not period correct, and actually can be painted after a period of time, people just don’t do it.(I do understand that there are monetary restrictions in many projects and thus the pressure treated wood….still bugs me though.) Railing number two while modern matches the flow of the structure far better and does not scream,” I was slapped on here!” That’s my three cents.

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