Preservation Photos #148

A house in Chester Depot, VT. What do you think about the windows?


6 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #148

  1. Sarah N says:

    I love this house! Those windows need a little love, but otherwise are really telling about the floorplan (orginal) of the house.

  2. Frank says:

    My guess is they are new(er) vinyl replacements with the silly plastic muntins? If so, they suck. If I have to look through a vinyl replacement, I’d much prefer a clear view. At least the shutters look like they might actually be functional. They should come in handy in the near future as the sash clips begin breaking and the air seals begin leaking.

  3. ddLynn says:

    I imagine those VT winters are cold…thus may have felt the need to keep the drafts out and the warmth in by replacing them. However, I adore the old windows…from the wavy glass to the weighted mechanisms! We lived in an 1883 brick home in Ohio where the winds rattled nearly every window in the house,but I would have never wanted it any other way. The new owners didn’t feel the same unfortunately.
    Love the original shutters and front door. At least that charm is still intact!! Oh, and no vinyl siding…please, oh please don’t do it.

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