St. Albans Drive-in Theatre

Need something fun to do on a summer weekend night? How about a drive-in movie theater? There are so few remaining in the country so we need to support them whenever possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly a blockbuster type summer for movies. I haven’t wanted to see anything. You? I wish drive-ins would have weekends of classic movies on the big screen. That would add another layer of uniqueness to drive-ins.

Surprisingly, Vermont has four operating drive-ins; they are located in Colchester, Fairlee, Bethel and St. Albans. So far, I’ve only been the Sunset Drive-in in Colchester, chronicled here. Now, I’m waiting for a good movie; however, I stopped at the St. Albans Drive-in on Route 7 in order to take some daylight pictures.

The ticket booth and entrance to the drive-in. Interestingly, this one is not fenced in any manner. The entrance road is lined with lights (seen above - blue pole).

The snack bar building and project building, set behind the rows of cars. Note that this drive-in no longer has speakers; you tune in on your radio.

The massive screen.

The marquee displays what was showing - early July 2011.

The movie screen with a playground in front - classic drive-in set up.

Honestly, drive-ins and playgrounds are two of my favorite things. And I'd bet this is the original playground.

Another shot of the playground.

One of the swings.

Check out those metal rings.

Steps on the slide. I wanted to see if this was the same manufacturer as the playground at the Sunset Drive-in. It is not, but I still love the advertising in the slide ladder.

If you come across a drive-in with interesting features, please share. Happy weekend! Happy drive-in visiting!

12 thoughts on “St. Albans Drive-in Theatre

  1. Sabra Smith says:

    I suspect you’re right that that’s the original playground — because it looks just like the one that I remember from 1960something at the drive-in between Kittery and York, Maine.

  2. Lake Girl says:

    Been goin’ to the St. A. drive in since I was a youngun in the 60’s. Still go with the grandkids now. In my younger teenage days, we’d hide two kids in the trunk and sneak em in. Sure miss those speakers though. How many times did we drive off and have em handing on the window. Don’t know.

  3. Donna D says:

    St. Albans is my town and I love your website. Nice pictures. I’m always thankful when I see the drive-inn open for another summer. So much in St. Albans is gone. I hope the drive-inn survives for many more years. I have many good memories there.

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