Flooding & Hurricane Irene

No lengthy post today or anything like that, just a note:

Preservation in Pink may be quiet this week. The entire State of Vermont has been devastated by Hurricane Irene. Our town flooded and our basement flooded completely, so Vinny and I are dealing with the cleanup and the phone calls, etc. We are grateful for everyone’s concerns and the help of many friends here in Vermont. Flood cleanup is messy. River water is muddy and silt and gross. I have never been so dirty as I was yesterday after beginning flood cleanup yesterday. Everyone was covered in mud.

It’s devastating and heartbreaking to hear of the widespread damage everywhere. For us, it puts everything in perspective and we offer our prayers and thoughts to those who are worse off than we are. We are safe, as are the cats. Thank goodness for friends to take us and the cats in for food, showers, electricity and encouraging words.

Now, if anyone has recommendations on post flooding, I’d be grateful to hear them. Obviously, don’t turn on the electricity and what not – but cleanup suggestions or issues to look for with houses – that would be helpful. Water came in through a basement window and from beneath the concrete basement foundation and floor. Our biggest concern is structural damage.

Thanks for your good thoughts and advice, in advance.