Poplar Forest Day 4: The highlight of today was most definitely our visit to Monticello. I have never been there and I was thoroughly impressed – more so than I thought I would be.  Of course, the best part about being in a certain group are the special parts of the tour that most people don’t see.  The architectural restoration crew talked to us and their techniques in such things as fixing a bow in the stone wall, paint analysis, deciding on the roof structure, etc.  Granted, house tours are always a nice thing but I prefer more architecturally centered tour.  Anyway, for now, I’ll just post a few Monticello picures.

 From the west lawn

Monticello from the west lawn (the rear of the building.)

View from the dome room!

We were allowed in the dome room! (Turn your head for now _ I can’t figure out wordpress.) (The third floor. It is amazing and really hard to capture in a picture.  I’ll post more soon.)


Ever see the inside of a lock? We learned about door locks!

More to come.


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