Poplar Forest Day 4

Poplar Forest

Welcome to Poplar Forest.

I know that I said that I would be updating daily, however, my computer refuses to connect to the Lynchburg College internet system. Therefore, I will not have this luxury – but I will still do my best to feature some of it. Sorry!

This is currently Day 4, though the first day was just meet & greet time while we had appetizers and wine (or your drink of choice.)  Everyone is really nice. There are nine students, including me.  Some are grad students, some are working in the field, some are deciding which route of history/preservation to go.  It makes for interesting conversations (hooray!)

I have found so far that there is so much that I know I studied at Mary Wash, but haven’t used in the past two years and therefore cannot remember. It’s frustrating, but we do get readings every night and I know that eventually it will come back to me. 

Highlight of the first few days: Poplar Forest is gorgeous, peaceful, and amazing because the restoration began in 1989. This means that they have been able to do everything from the ground up, using modern technology and benefiting from prior restoration projects. The board completely supports doing everything as historically accurate as possible, which provides the leisure of time. And Travis McDonald has been with the project since restoration began. It is an amazing experience.

Stay tuned.



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