Restoration Carpentry

Field school is so much fun!  Today we began with discussions about building materials, which will aid our house site investigation for our own project. Last night I read about 7 articles concerning building investigation; they were quite entertaining.  After our morning lessons, we went into the restoration workshop to hear about how the staff has accomplished the tasks of replicating moldings and seeing which tools they use. Maybe now that I have seen some of these tools in person, I will remember their names.  The best part was getting a chance to use these tools! (Of course these were just practice pieces of wood.)  And it is as hard as it looks!  See me below:

Another benefit to being a field school student is getting to go in the Poplar Forest attic to examine the timber framing and rosehead nails.  And….we also go to go on the roof!  It was so cool, for lack of a better word.

down the road to the north from the roof

And another pretty photograph from the roof, of Jefferson’s 16′ skylight:

Okay, one more:

That’s all for now! If you want to see more pictures, let me know.


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