Call for Articles

It’s that time of year again, the time when I begin asking for articles for the next newsletter.  The plan is for the next issue of Preservation in Pink  to come out in December 2008, continuing with the 2 per year quota. 

Please send articles, photographs, quotes, songs, anything you want, to  Articles can range from opinions to more academic subjects tp job experiences or travel stories, book reviews, or anything else relating to preservation.

I would like to solicit for articles about preservation in the academic world vs. preservation in the “real” world. What do you think biggest difference is? Do you prefer one over the other? Is there a happy medium?  Etc. 

Please send me these articles by Thanksgiving – that’s over two months away.  The length can range from a few hundred words to 1,000 words (or more if necessary.)  I will edit the articles and send them back to you for review, if you’d like.  I will post semi-frequent reminders on here, just so you don’t forget. 

Thank you!



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