New Voices to Post!

Good news, Preservation in Pink fans!  As you know, the newsletter includes articles from everyone listed on the Contributors page, but so far this blog has been only the voice of me.  Hopefully you don’t get tired of reading what I write, but just to shake things up a bit and increase diversity, Missy Celii is going to start posting preservation thoughts as well. I hope this encourages others to consider sending a post my way whenever you have an idea. I’ll post it and make sure to put your name in the byline and link your website if you’d like/have one.  Enjoy!

P.S. Missy’s first post will be tomorrow! Don’t miss it!


In an attempt to continue spreading the word of Preservation in Pink, I have now created a Facebook group.  If you have Facebook, please join!  (Note, you have to be signed up for Facebook to view this group.) This website will remain the same, but the group will just show some love towards it!