Porches & Halfway

In lieu of a post at the moment, I thought you might enjoy some photographs from my recent trip to Loudon & Fauquier Counties, VA. 

1. Who doesn’t love a good Southern front porch? 

Grey Horse Inn, The Plains, VA

Grey Horse Inn, The Plains, VA

2. And who doesn’t love a “town” with a funny name?  I couldn’t resist. There are only a few houses on this country road and one big empty building here.  I wouldn’t even call it a crossroads.
Halfway, Virginia

Halfway, Virginia

3. This photograph below is a picture of the building right next to the Halfway sign.  I peered inside the windows and it looked like some sort of shop, but one that hadn’t been used in a long time. Other than that, I don’t have any guesses.  Anyone?
In Halfway, Virginia.

In Halfway, Virginia.

More travel stories to come soon!

One thought on “Porches & Halfway

  1. PhantomTramp says:

    The shop was an old carpenter’s shop. I would like to go back in time and just sit in there and see some of the great woodworking and stuff that went on when that place was rockin’.

    There used to be a general store across the road that went out of business and some musicians rented it in the 70’s for a rehearsal space. The store burned down some years ago, I am sorry to say.

    Anyway, there was also an older hermit fellow that lived in the basement of the store and his name was (I’m not kidding) Manley Cross. He would sit on the store porch and smoke a pipe of Prince Albert tobacco when he was not working on his tractor.

    Those were good days. Seems like everybody got along as well as could be expected and everybody had some sort of a nickname.

    Thanks for the pictures; it really made me happy to see them.

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