Brownington Congregational Church, 1841. Brownington, VT. #presinpink


Happy New Year, preservationists and friends. This 1836 granite building was built as Athenian Hall, a dormitory for the Orleans County Grammar School. It has been used as a boarding house, it’s been vacant, and has been a museum since 1925. Old Stone House Museum in the Browningtom Village Historic District, VT. #presinpink

Snow came early this year. Helen Day Memorial Library & Art Center, Stowe, VT. #presinpink

Goodrich House (Luther Hagar House, founder of the Hagar Hardware Company), c. 1832 Greek Revival. #presinpink

East elevation view of the full width portico under the main roofline. Lambda Iota Fraternity House, 1913. #presinpink

The Storrs-Turner House, 1832, on Main Street in Middlebury, VT, was designed in the Federal Style and later remodeled with Green Revival details. #presinpink