Changing my Transit Ways

Happy Spring, all. If Spring has arrived in Vermont, it must have found you by now. I hope! A quick question for your Monday morning: what is your preferred mode of travel in the good weather? I’ve been calling these days the happy weather in Vermont. It’s warm, beautiful, people are out and about, everyone’s mood has lifted.

And after a refreshing weekend of barely any need for a car, I’m attempting to scale down my daily vehicle use and rely on the bus, if possible for work, and my feet and bicycle for in town trips. It’s not entirely possible or easy, but perhaps a good (affordable, healthy) challenge for the next five or six months.

Have you altered your transit? How and for what reasons? Financial? Environmental? Efficiency?

Pink dogwoods for spring.

Pink dogwoods for spring.


12 thoughts on “Changing my Transit Ways

  1. Jim Grey says:

    I’d love to rely less on my car. I live in a suburban-style subdivision inside the city limits, however, that’s nowhere near a bus line and does not offer bike-safe main roads.

    • Kaitlin says:

      A lack of bike safe roads is definitely a problem. I don’t like to bike on too many roads. Luckily, we have a bike path in Burlington.

  2. mariaburkett says:

    Way to go! We set things up so we can walk or bike almost everywhere. It helps to only have 1 car too. I love it. Good for your health and environment plus you notice so many more things when on foot or on a bike vs in a car.

    • Kaitlin says:

      Nice going, Maria! You do have a good neighborhood. Getting to work is what uses most of miles and fuel, hence attempting to take the bus a few times per week. Anyway, it’s an experiment!

  3. J.Demond says:

    I currently rely on public transportation to get around. Sometimes its hectic and crowded but on others I get the time to read a book gaze out a window on the aesthetic beauty of Los Angeles natural terrain. Actually I feel like I have won it a little bit better than the rushed comuters of those who drive cars knowing I leave less of a carbon footprint on the world is just an added bonus.

  4. Ann Koplow says:

    I love to walk more in the spring. It’s great to leave my car behind, whenever possible. The bus and subway systems are pretty good near Boston. Lately, I’ve been wishing I didn’t sell my moped three years ago. That was a GREAT way to get around.

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