Christmas Coffee Water Tower

Christmas is coming soon. I hope everyone is enjoying the season, perhaps over a good cup of coffee.


Spotted Roadside: Water Tower


Somewhere in Virginia (I wasn’t navigating!)

¬†One thing that I associate with my travels in the midwest and my days living in North Carolina are gigantic water towers, like the one in the picture above. Often times, towns each have their own water towers, which are adorned with the town name or something to that effect. When I moved to Vermont, I noticed a lack of water towers (though there is one on the University of Vermont campus, which is the only one that immediately comes to mind. Anyone else?). So whenever I’m on the road in other parts of the country, it’s a familiar landscape feature – a good landmark for distance and geographic location. Do you like water towers?

Preservation Photos #18

A bit of roadside architecture love this week: the giant peach water tower in Gafney, South Carolina. Photograph taken while driving by on I-85, March 2009.