News: Instagram Posts & a Facebook Change

You’ve probably noticed a few picture posts on the blog over the past few days. In order to integrate Instagram (which is really only smart-phone friendly) and the blog, Instagram posts from @presinpink will now appear as blog posts. In other words, you don’t have to have an Instagram account or a twitter account to see Preservation in Pink adventures via photos. If you do follow presinpink on Instagram, you’ll see that not every photo will make its way from Instagram to the blog. This change allows for blogging in real-time, with a greater variety of posts.

This is accomplished using IFTTT. (Thanks to the ladies at for the tip.) Basically, IFTTT creates “recipes” to send messages from one source to another. So it could be an Instagram hashtag (#presinpink) triggers a post on wordpress. Or it can do things like send you a text message when the forecast calls for rain. I’m fascinated by it.

In other news, the Preservation in Pink Facebook page will be removed beginning in 2014 for the purpose of simplifying and consolidating social media. Facebook served to only hold links to posts, and often it’s the last of PiP social media to receive attention. So, I thought I’d conduct an experiment and focus efforts on my preferred social media avenues (blog, Instagram, twitter). In a world of Facebook, maybe it will be necessary. But maybe not. For those who receive posts or links from Facebook, you can sign up for the RSS feed or emails. For communication, leave comments or send emails to  And posts will still feed to Twitter. If you have a preference, let me know. I like chatting about social media, of course.

Ready to take off from JFK airport. This is a photo from the @presinpink Instagram feed that did not warrant a post on the blog.

Ready to take off from JFK airport, out of the Jetblue terminal. This is a photo from the @presinpink Instagram feed that did not warrant a post on the blog. Hope everyone had/has safe holiday travels.

PiP Media Updates

Preservation in Pink is expanding in the realm of social media. The Preservation in Pink Facebook group has been around for a while, but now there is a Preservation in Pink Facebook fan page. There isn’t a huge difference between a group and a fan page, but PiP is just keeping pace. So if you and your friends like the blog and newsletter, show your love!

You can now follow Preservation in Pink (presinpink) on Twitter. Currently both Facebook and Twitter are receiving the RSS feeds of blog posts. So if you prefer to not have your email inbox filled with PiP posts or your aren’t into Google Reader and such devices, then you can find short url links from your Facebook and Twitter feeds to give you a heads up that there is a new post. However you can still subscribe to PiP via readers and receive posts by email. The email subscription featured on the sidebar is directly from WordPress, which seems to be more efficient than Feedburner for sending emails on time.

Click the images above to become a fan or a follower on Twitter.

Note also a bit of sidebar reorganization on PiP. Find the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of the page. Feel free to use the images in this post or the icons on the sidebar to direct others to PiP. Thank you to Vinny for designing such great logos (I love the road sign vibe of it.)

Any other ideas for PiP and social media?

Graduate School

Welcome to Graduate School at the University of Vermont. Now, read. Well, okay, that’s not the sentiment exactly (it was much more welcoming and exciting) but I am already buried under books and books and books.

Textbooks and reference books.

Textbooks and reference books.

Architectural glossary, anyone?

Architectural glossary, anyone?

Heavy reading, well recommended books.

Heavy reading, well recommended books.

I mention this overload of books for a few reasons. 1) I love pictures of stacks or shelves of books. 2) I am not sure how to adjust the Preservation in Pink posting schedule (it’s only my first week of classes) so bear with me. If you’ve ever considered being a guest blogger on PiP, now would be the perfect time! Seriously! 3) Posts will continue, hopefully in a mixture of academic thoughts, current events, and grad school anecdotes. Suggestions are welcome, however. 4) All of these books would be great additions to your preservation library.

For those who have gone through grad school, you probably know how I feel this first week of school (aside from psyched for our projects and field work). Any advice for the rest of us? For those who are new to grad school like me, good luck! And for those who are not yet there, don’t worry – it’s an important, personal decision to decide on when (and if) to attend graduate school.

The University of Vermont (UVM) is great so far and at orientation we received “free” coffee mugs. This is my kind of place. Oh, it’s “UVM” for Universitas Viridis Montis, or University of the Green Mountains. On the seal the phrase is Universitas V. Montis, hence UVM.

Thanks to all of the readers for bearing with the change in schedule over the summer and now.

Work in Progress

Work in progress! Photograph courtesy of Andrew Deci.

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Deci.

This weekend I’ll be working on the layout for Preservation in Pink (website, not newsletter), so don’t be alarmed by a skewed layout. WordPress doesn’t allow me to make changes and then publish them, so it’s like trial and error available for the public to watch. Anyway, as always, send suggestions my way! It won’t be anything drastic, but hopefully little improvements.

A Note & A Joke

A quick note: check out the Contributors page. It’s a cleaner version that will allow you to click on the thumbnail photo for the bio of each person rather than having to scroll so much. Hope you like it! I know there are a few contributors missing, so if you are one of them, send along a photo and a mini bio whenever you get the chance. thanks!

A short joke that makes my day: {commentor left anonymous}

Every time you say SHPO, I only think of hippos!

For those out of the loop: SHPO stands for State Historic Preservation Office, but is pronounced like ship-o. It just goes to show that every field has its own crazy jargon. But what does hippo say about preservation? haha.

…and normal posts to return next week.

Newsletter Page Update

A short update. The “Newsletter” page is now updated to reflect the most recent issue of PiP, meaning if you are looking for the December 2008 issue, it will not be lost among old posts. Simply use the menu at the top of the page. Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback and thank you to everyone who has read this issue, and shared it with others!  This is a long ways away, but the next issue will be June 2009. So if you are thinking of contributing but worry about deadlines, have no fear. You have six months.

As Ali Ross would say, “Keep up the dream!”

New Masthead

Take note of the new masthead/banner for Preservation in Pink.  You may appreciate the decreased use of the color pink and a smaller flamingo.  It retains its retro font, of course. What do you think?

(Also, you probably notice that the original title remains above the banner.  This, I cannot change or delete because then the title will not show up on the web browser.  As great as WordPress is, there are a few things about it that I do not like. If anyone has a solution to the problem or just excellent web design knowledge, please email me.)



Receive Posts Via Email

Updates! As you probably notice, the sidebar to the right now has a “Subscribe & Share” section with three options. 

1. You can choose to receive the Preservation in Pink posts in your inbox, which is especially helpful if you are very busy and don’t have time to check for a daily update.  All you have to do is click the link, enter your email, receive an email and click that link to confirm your subscription.  It’s that easy! And now, you’ll never miss another post again.  Please subscribe, even if you are a faithful website checker. Please note: emails will be delivered by FeedBurner between 0700-0900, EST, daily.  So, today’s post is published around 3:30 pm on Saturday, but will not be delivered until Sunday morning. 

2. Click the RSS pink button and you can subscribe from there. (This button may also be on your internet browser toolbar.  What this does is add Preservation in Pink to your favorites toolbar, and keep it up to date rather than taking you to an old page.)

3. The “Share” button offers many ways to share the website and/or a post.  You can bookmark it on anything from Facebook to Twitter to Google and more.  Depending on where you bookmark it, you are showing other people what you have read on (and also sharing the preservation love!)

Comments & suggestions are encouraged and welcomed, as always.




I’ve been working on some updates today. The mysterious “Links” page that remained empty for some time is now “Resources” and full of helpful, entertaining links.  Because of this, I have removed the links sidebar in order to keep the page as clean as possible. The “Issues” page has become “Newsletter” for the sake of clarification.  “Contributors” has a few updates and the “About” page now has a link to the post explaining the love for and connection to flamingos.  Enjoy and let me know what you think of changes and what you would like to see!  Comments from all are welcome and encouraged.