Preservation Photos #177

Monroe Hall at the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg VA.


Friday Links: News and Play

I am boycotting CVS. Actually, all of the drug stores bother me, but in this case, CVS has top billing. According to a Preservation Nation blog post, CVS is disregarding an agreement with the National Trust and demolishing a historically significant church in Memphis to build a store. How appalling. Others are sure to follow: Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kinney Drug, Eckerd, etc.

Need a good preservation book to read? The University of Mary Washington Center for Historic Preservation has announced the 2011 Book Prize Candidates.

Also from the UMW Center for Historic Preservation, check out this comparison chart of undergraduate HP programs.

Wishing it were summer? It’s not too early to start thinking of internships or field schools. HISTPRES is definitely the most up-to-date source for young professionals.

Did you see this NY Times article about a preservation dispute about a Chelsea (New York City) row house? This building is affiliated with the Underground Railroad, perhaps the only documented station in Manhattan. The owner has added (well, the addition is in progress) has fifth floor, for which the permit has now been revoked.

Ever hear about the idea of preservation of play? Here is a NY Times article that discusses how children have forgotten how to play and how some parents are fixing it.

In May 2005 there was a conference called Preserve and Play: Preserving Historic Entertainment and Recreation Resources — not exactly the same as the article, but connected. I would have loved that conference. Did any of you, readers, attend?

Did you know that there is a National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York?  It appears to be a lot of hands-on exhibits, but check out the online museum collections.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend. Go Play!