Preservation Photos #7

IMG_8558One entertaining photographs from my Townshend, VT barn survey (including agricultural related structures. Yes, outhouses, too).

Preservation Photos #4


Townshend, VT

The interior of an agricultural building in need of tremendous repair, found along the backroads of Townshend, VT.

Preservation Photos #2

Townshend, VT

Townshend, VT

I may have been out on a mission to photograph barns, but I couldn’t pass by this house without gazing. Look at its story and its architectural details: the vergeboard, the side lights, the ghost lines and foundation of a former porch, the pilasters and the entablature above the door, the wide frieze band, and of course, its apparent long state of neglect. When was the last time someone lived here? (I did not peak in the windows.) This is the kind of house you could write a story about (based on historical research, of course). Excuse the distorted angle of the photograph.