Preservation Month 2013


The Service Building of the Gryphon Building Block in Rutland, VT.

It’s National Preservation Month! Hooray! Good stuff coming your way.


Historic Downtown Rutland

Downtown Rutland was featured as Preservation Photos #132 this week, but I think it deserves additional space. A sunny photograph filled with interesting historic architecture can go a long way, don’t you think? And just look at this place: underground utilities, crosswalks, building blocks full of historic integrity, street furniture, trash and recycling barrels, people on the sidewalks, landscaping – don’t you just want to give Rutland a chance? It is an enjoyable downtown to explore.

Standing at the corner of Merchants Row.

Looking to ? Street.

Rutland has many cafes and restaurants, art galleries, the Paramount Theater and other businesses. There are many empty storefronts, but the Rutland Downtown Partnership is working hard to fill those voids.

A ca. 1970 bank drive-thru on the right. Interesting, yes?

A better view of the bank.

In full disclosure of Rutland’s troubles, across from this beautiful historic district is a large 1960s shopping center, which is currently anchored by Walmart. The shopping center took the place of the former rail depot and rail yard. The downtown, locally owned businesses have been working hard for decades to revitalize the historic district.

These images are obviously just a small glimpse. I’ll be back for more photographs and strolling around the town, gazing at the architecture. Who else has ignored Rutland for a while based on Route 7? Next time you’re passing through, head west on Center Street.

Preservation Photos #132

Merchants Row in historic downtown Rutland, VT. From Route 7, Rutland looks like strip mall city of Vermont save for the beautiful residences sandwiched in between the sprawl. However, head west from Route 7 to downtown and you’ll see beautiful commercial blocks and a strong effort at economic revitalization. Trust me, walk around downtown Rutland and you’ll be impressed.