Bowling conjurs images of shiny lanes, matching shirts, funky bowling shoes, contraptions that reset the pins, return the bowling balls, birthday parties, bowling leagues, bad food, Fred Flinstone, cheesy movie scenes … at least in my head. And something else that bowling brings to mind for me is roadside architecture, thanks to the giant bowling pin on the roof of Port Jeff Bowl. Not quite as exciting as the Long Island Duck, the bowling pin remains part of Long Island’s roadside architecture collection.

Port Jeff Bowl in Port Jefferson Station, NY.

Port Jeff Bowl. The pin doesn’t rotate or light up, it just stands on the building.

Port Jeff Bowl

Maybe some fellow Long Islanders can give me a hint as to the age of the building, bowling alley and the pin (Mom, any ideas?), but I have been unable to find any information so far. Anyone else know of a giant bowling pin?

Bicycle Trails Update

A follow up to Bicyle Trails from August 13, 2009.

Since my youngest sister is so adamant about sharing the bike trails with everyone, she took the time to read the PiP post (thanks, Erin) and the LIRR Wading River Rail Trail website. Deciding to take action, she emailed the webmaster, Denis Byrne, with suggestions for the bike route and questions about whom she can contact to lend her support.

For anyone interested, the best people to contact are Congressman Tim Bishop, Suffolk County Legislators Dan Losquardo and Vivian Vilora-Fisher, and NYS Senator Ken LaValle.  While there are plans in place for the trail, the problems lie with funding and responsibilities of parties involved, mainly LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) and Suffolk County.  The best thing to do is to contact those above and show support (click on the names for their   and emails).  Support from all ages would prove that the bike trails would be a great asset to the community.

Any kids reading this? Are you unsure of where to start? Open a word document and write how you feel about the bicycle trails and why you like them. How would it help your community? What do you think would make them better? You can write the same email to everyone, just change the heading “Dear _________” for each one. Share this email with your friends and family and ask them to write a similar one or to sign it with you. The email/letter does not have to be long – a little support can go a long way!