Georgia Pop Quiz Answer

For the Preservation Pop Quiz, Georgia edition. If you’re following the comments, you’ll see that the answer has already been revealed (from the knowledgeable Andrew P. Wood). However, for those who do not track comments, read on.

Mystery site in Georgia. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

Mystery site in Georgia. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

The mystery structure is a smoke house that was part of the Granite Hill Plantation in Sparta, Georgia. The answer (as well as the quiz) comes from Chad Carlson.

Granite Hill Plantation. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

Historic Granite Hill Plantation. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

The plantation was owned by Andrew Jackson Lane in the 1850s. At the time of the Civil War it had 74 slaves, 22 structures, on 2200 acres. The smoke house was the last remnant of the plantation. The main house was moved to Macon, GA, in 1968, and was destroyed by a fire very soon thereafter. (You can see the smokehouse in the background of the main house.) Most thought it was a jail for slaves because of the bars on the windows. I came across an article on Granite Hill Planation from the “Southern Cultivator” magazine from 1859 wherein it mentions “a two story smokehouse of finely dressed granite.” Since meat would have been the most valuable commodity on the plantation the bars were placed in the windows to keep people out. Given the size of the building it was probably also used for storage of other commodities as well.

Granite Hill Plantation in 1968. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

Granite Hill Plantation in 1968. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

The Granite Hill Plantation house being moved in 1968. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

The Granite Hill Plantation house being moved in 1968. Photo courtesy of Chad Carlson.

The Sparta Kaoline Corporation bought the property in 1998 to mine the granite beneath the building. Stonemason Brent Kickbush was hired to destroy the smokehouse. His attempts to find someone to have the smoke house reconstructed on their property were unsuccessful and the building was torn down.

Want to learn more? Check out this video from Chad.


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If you have a few minutes sometime soon take this quiz about using the internet to share heritage values. It comes from Voices of the Past, which is a netcast, podcast and accompanying website is to help inspire the advancement of heritage values in our society using today’s online communications tools known as social media.

I’ll be talking more about Voices of the Past soon, but for now they asked for help with the survey. Check out the website, take the quiz – quickly – before it ends!

What’s Your Architectural Personality?

What is your personality in terms of architecture? Take this quiz from HGTV to find out where you fall in the wide range of architectural styles.

I was hoping to be of the arts and crafts variety, but I took the quiz twice (you’ll see that some questions you can probably answer more than one way) and both times I received:

You’re solid as a Ranch house!

Simple and suburban by nature, you exude a cozy warmth that lets people know you don’t mind if they leave their shoes on in the house — it’s only carpet, after all! Family and friends are important to you, and you love having them stop by. While not overly fussy or vain, you care about your looks — but honestly, you’re happiest in sweatpants. To you, life isn’t measured in the goods you’ve acquired, but in time well spent.

Well, thinking about it, it’s not so bad and having grown up in a 1957 ranch house, what else am I supposed to know? And I do love having friends and family stop by; I was just hoping to escape suburbia! Not this time, I guess. Well, for anyone else who was hoping for a different style, this quiz only uses 18 styles and we know just how many there are beyond that 18. Take the quiz and share your results.

An edit: So, I found out there was a bonus question involving dog choices, but that didn’t come up every time for my quiz. Strange. But with the dog question (and the same answers that got me the ranch house) I ended up with Highbrow Greek Revival:

Greek Revival homes (also called Southern Colonial) are a mixture of many influences, including Roman and Greek (the columns) and French (the high windows). You’re a mix, too. You take the best from the world and make it all work together. Though sophisticated, you’re still up for a night of dancing on a sawdust floor. You love life. You have a welcoming temperament and can always find time to chat over snacks.

Hmm…I suppose a combination of all types is a good thing. Clearly, this quiz is way too entertaining. Keep playing!

Thanks to Maria G. for sharing this quiz!