Preservation Pop Quiz

A multiple part quiz for you today. (1) What is this? (2) If you know what it is, what can you say about it? Including, how can you date this material?


What is this? Where would you find it? How old is it? What do you think of it?

 And (3) What is your entirely subject opinion of this?

Looks festive, yes? Have fun!

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Pop Quiz Answer Round-Up

There are numerous pop quizzes lying around Preservation in Pink just awaiting answers. So here we go, starting with the most recent. Click on the image to return to the original post.

This abandoned building is in Florence, Vermont. I do not have an answer for you at this time, though one reader suggests a church. Can any locals provide some help?

This brick bond is seen on a building in Middlebury, Vermont. Devin commented with the correct answer: diapering. You can identify diapering by the diamond pane that the glazed brick forms, along with the one glazed header in the center of the diamond.

The comments for this quiz are mostly divided between Colonial Revival and Craftsman. I think this house is a cross between the two, exhibiting elements of both styles. The exposed rafters and the false timbering on the entry gable belong to Craftsman. The symmetry, the portico columns and the entryway sidelights belong to Colonial Revival. Would you be surprised to know that this building was originally for a telephone company and on the rear it’s three stories? It is much larger than it looks.

What would you call the recessed brick sections on this building? The winning answer: blind arch or blind arcade. One is an arch, many is an arcade.

Name this structure. The marquee to a drive-in movie theater. Many of you guessed this right away. Good job!

Thanks for playing everyone. More pop quizzes to come. If you have any images that you think would be a good pop quiz, send it along.

Preservation Pop Quiz & Abandoned Vermont

A double post: what is this abandoned structure? It is located in Florence, VT. The building is built into a hill, so the side not shown has only small windows. Any guesses?




Preservation Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: brick bonds. Found in Middlebury, VT.

Consider this pop quiz week, kids. If you have recently had midterms, I hope they went well. Try this one without worry of affecting your GPA. PiP is a learning environment.

On that note, describe this brick wall: bond, design, and anything else about bricks. Have fun.

Preservation Pop Quiz


Architectural historians, here is a question for you. How would you define the recessed brick sections on this building?

Preservation Pop Quiz

What is your guess as to the object featured in this image (taken from a car window)? Bonus points if anyone in Vermont can identify its location.


Preservation Pop Quiz

How would you read this building?

Orleans Village, VT Municipal Building. Click and zoom for greater detail.

What do you think of the different brick? The entrance? The front facade?

Preservation Pop Quiz

The subject of this preservation pop quiz is historic architecture & reading buildings. So, to begin, how would you describe this building?  Need a refresher on building description? Read Preservation Basics No. 3 & No. 4.

Please describe this building. If you’re new to this, try it piece by piece: how many stories, how many bays, materials, fenestration, chimneys … and go from there.

The side of the building.

A first story window.

Now these aren’t ideal images for an entire building description, so just see what you can do with the images provided. Any ideas on dates of construction? Style? I’ll leave it up to you. Have fun.

Preservation Pop Quiz

Happy summer and happy heat wave for many of us. In the spirit of our summer environment, here is another pop quiz.

Please identify what is going on in this picture. Also, what are potential problems with it?


Pop Quiz – what’s this? What do you think of it? Why?

More examples coming later today, if needed.  Enjoy!