Preservation Photos #226

More on looking up: seen any interesting door frames or entrances lately, such as this one from the historic (and former) Brattleboro, VT train station?


Preservation Photos #223

The Cavendish Universalist Church constructed in 1844 is a beautiful structure, impressively intact. It’s worth a look through the windows. Now if only we could move those utility wires. 

Preservation Photos #222 #presinpink

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It’s Town Meeting Day in Vermont. The Woodbury town hall has beautiful 3/3 windows.

Preservation Photos #221

The Barton Academy and Graded School is still in operation as an elementary school. This 1907 building is seen here on a crisp, sunny winter afternoon in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Preservation Photos #218

Have you noticed door hardware lately such as brass hinges? This sort of detail is not found on modern doors (unless custom made).