Reader Poll: How to Improve Preservation in Pink?

Hi everyone. It’s the new year and I have bigger plans and goals for Preservation in Pink. However, I’d like to drive changes based on what you – all of you – would like to see. Below are a series of questions. If you would spare a few seconds to answer the following questions, I’d very much appreciate it. Choose the best answer and click.

PiP will get better because of you! Tell me – what do you like, not like? What do you want to see more or less of? Thank you!! xo


Vote to Name the Flamingo

Below are the 8 possible names for the adopted flamingo. Check out the flamingo’s portrait if you prefer to associate a name with a face. Please vote – it just takes one click! The poll will be open until 6pm (EST) Sunday May 17.

*Only one vote per person – repeat voters are blocked by ip address and cookies. If you have problems voting, send me an email. Thanks!

Article Reminder & a Reader Poll

Happy November, everyone!

Here’s your 4 week reminder: articles due the weekend after Thanksgiving! If you haven’t mentioned an article to me, please pose a suggestion. (It’s very unlikely that I’d turn it down).  If you would like to write an article but can’t think of anything, let me know and I’ll give you some options.

Theme to start with: Preservation is our Real World (or real life).  Basically, consider what you do in the “real world” (post school or however you would like to translate that) and compare it to during school or during an internship or something like that. Or write about preservation in your life, your job, etc.

Of course, travel photographs are always encouraged. Anything preservation related is fair game. We’re striving for diversity at Preservation in Pink!  If you’re stuck in school mode, academic pieces are welcome, too.

Have fun writing.  And, please take the time to answer the poll, see the sidebar.