With Your Coffee

Warm days in Montreal, where this is never-ending architectural eye candy.

Warm days in Montreal, where this is never-ending architectural eye candy.

Happy weekend! It’s been a nice week here in Vermont and Montreal with a few days of warmer temperatures and (some) blooming flowers, giving us reminders of the beautiful warm months ahead. No matter what the season, one of my favorite things to do is sip a cup of coffee and read a good article or blog post, or discuss one with a friend. Here are a few items I’ve found recently; maybe you’ll like them too.

I hope your Easter weekend is perfect.  What are you reading? Let me know if you’d like to see this feature again. Coffee cheers!

Preservation is…

Preservation is Sexy. Yes, you read it here. Actually, Bernice Radle of Buffalo’s Young Preservationists proclaimed it first during her TED talk. You go girl!

Photo courtesy of Bernice Radle.

Photo courtesy of Bernice Radle.

What does it mean? It’s exciting. It’s enticing. It’s smart. It’s forward-thinking. It’s loving. It’s caring. It’s sensitive. It’s beautiful. Preservation is the best. It’s everything, and cares about everyone and the built environment. Share your love of preservation. What would you say?

Spotted: A Giant Stride in Hines, Oregon

The Giant Stride remains a popular topic on Preservation in Pink, and it brings a smile to my face when a reader sends along a “newly discovered” giant stride or shares a story. Today’s giant stride sits in City Park on Highway 20 in Hines, Oregon. Zoom in and you’ll see that the chains/ladders are still in operation.

Giant Stride in Hines, OR. Photo and information courtesy of Kristen Zschomler.

Giant Stride in Hines, OR. Photo and information courtesy of Kristen Zschomler.


Happy Sunday all. Vermont finally gave up on the nice weekend weather, but we had a good stretch of lovely fall days. I haven’t carved my pumpkins yet – any preservationists have good ideas? Snap a photo of your pumpkin and send it in! I’ll share mine this week.


Not in a patch, but at least they’re in front of a barn.

Preservation Pop Quiz

What do you see in this photograph? Need a hint? It’s regional. Vermonters, you should know.


Of course, bonus points if you know the location!

Preservation Pop Quiz


Bonus points if you know this location!

Happy Monday! Here’s a pop quiz. (Anyone else think actual pop quizzes are just about the worst thing in school? Luckily this if for fun, not grades.)

How would you read this streetscape? Specifically, why is there a fire hydrant in the street?

Moments of Silence

Today is September 11, 2013. Twelve years and one day ago, the world was a very different place. We’ll never forget, and moments of silence will always show respect and thoughtfulness on this day. Please, take a moment of silence today to remember those who died and those who suffered and for everyone who helped because of September 11, 2001. Today, proudly display your American flag, and remember that we’re all in this together.

The American flying in Port Jefferson, NY.

The American flying in Port Jefferson, NY.

By now, we’ve all spoken to each other many times about where we were on September 11, 2001. If you haven’t yet, write down your story to share with your children and grandchildren. Because they’ll want to know the same way you want to know significant days in the lives of your parents and grandparents.  Or write it for your own memory when you’re old and gray. Everyone’s story is important.

Preservation Photos #193


It’s the little things that give a place character like beautiful glass door knobs and etched metal key plates. Small details like this are hardly small.

Sunday Snapshots for Summer #9

A day late, but it’s been a busy weekend of adventure traveling! This was a wonderful site to wake up to in Les Bergeronnes, Quebec.