Newsletter Notes & Noteworthy Blogs

Newsletter Update: The January 2010 issue of Preservation in Pink will be posted here and emailed this Monday January 11.  It is filled with interesting, diverse articles, so be sure to check back for it. If you are not on the email list or for some reason cannot download the newsletter pdf, please email me at and I’ll gladly send it.

Noteworthy Blogs: Lucky for preservationists, there are new preservation related blogs popping up on the internet, all of which have their own style, interest, and flavor. Here are just a few that I read and perhaps may interest readers of Preservation in Pink:

My Own Time Machine: Buildings, Place, People & Things (an excellent, always interesting history, preservation-and-then-some blog by Philadelphia based preservationist Sabra Smith)

The Green Preservationist (sustainability, architecture, historic preservation & Chicago by Chicago based preservationist Carla Bruni)

The View From Here (loving historic houses, restorations, and the past by Linda Sunderland)

Looking Glass Antiques (finding antique treasures -often amazing photographs- and selling them to people who value them even more by fellow UVM student Brennan Gauthier)

Take a visit to these blogs and if you have others that you love, add them in the comments.

Article Reminder

To those writing articles for the December/January issue of Preservation in Pink, please start sending them to me. Your deadline is before Christmas (anytime before is fine) and after December 17th would be perfect. If you have a magnet already, I’ll come up with something else as a thank you/writing compensation.There is still room for some articles, so please consider it. To my fellow preservation bloggers out there – this includes you! Consider it another place to get on your soapbox (as long as you can back it up, of course).

Newsletter Deadline Update

To all who are contributing and/or considering contributing to the next issue of the newsletter,

Please note the change in deadline from December 15 to before Christmas. Many people are likely to be consumed by end of the semester exams and papers around December 15, and I do not want that to affect their ability to contribute. This issue might be more of a January 2010 than December 2009 issue, but hopefully that helps everyone interested. Let me know. If you have told me that you want to contribute but don’t know what to write, I will get back to you with ideas this week.


December 2009

Preservation in Pink contributors: writers, artists, photographers: start considering what you  would like to contribute to the December 2009 newsletter. The deadline will be mid December and it will be out at the end of December.

Travels, preservation news, issues, ethics, days on the job, anecdotes, all subjects relating to historic preservation are welcome! If you have an idea, let me know! If you’re a first contributor, check out the previous newsletters to get a feel for Preservation in Pink.

More to come.

Pip’s Next Adventure

For those of you who read the newsletter, you saw the following comic strip titled “The Amazing Adventures of Pip the Flamingo.”

PIP comic-1Preservationists, particularly those against big box retailers and such, likely understood the comic strip. However, many friends who are not trained in preservation or the messages of Preservation in Pink didn’t quite get it. For some background explanation check out: Why Do All Preservationists Love Flamingos? and Meet Pip. That should clear up any confusion.

Vinny is requesting reader input on Pip’s next adventure. What preservation related mission or adventure can Pip find? Leave suggestions below or email them to preservationinpink [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

First Friday, et al.

A few quick notes on this Friday in June:

1. Since it is the “first” Friday in June, it’s possible that your town has a “First Friday” event. Sometimes it’s an art events, sometimes it’s more like a block party. The event depends on your town. In Southern Pines, First Friday is a fun town gathering with food, kids’ games, and a band playing. Today there is a band and a storyteller.  These events are held May-October (5pm – 8pm) and serve as a way to get the community out and together and interacting with local businesses.

To quote the website, “The “First Friday” series is designed as such to invigorate and augment the many things about Southern Pines that make it such a wonderful place to live and do business. The goal of this event is to increase awareness of these points and foster relationships within the community in a setting of relaxation, fun and togetherness.”

Sounds good, right? To find out if your town has a First Friday, check your local newspaper or just search on the web for “first friday” and your town’s name. 

2. Preservation in Pink, June 2009 will be published next week! 

3. If you haven’t been reading the Tuesday/Thursday post series by Brad Hatch and Lauren McMillan, be sure to do so. Brad and Lauren offer great stories, insights, and thoughts tied deep to archaeology and preservation. Brad’s posts are about trips that he and Lauren take, hence “Preservacation” and Lauren is writing about her field school experience this summer.  If they inspire you to start a blogging series, let me know!

4. I love flamingos, whatever their shade of pink.

African Lesser Flamingo in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photograph courtesy of Ellen Detlefsen.

African Lesser Flamingo in Honolulu, Hawaii, March 2009. Photograph courtesy of Ellen Detlefsen.

June 2009 Newsletter

Writers, photographers, reviewers, and all those interested: if you would like to contribute to the June 2009 issue of Preservation in Pink, please email all submissions to as soon as possible (preferably this weekend). Or, if you need more time, email me and we can work out something. I need to start the layout and editing this weekend. Thank you!

Need an idea? See these posts:

April 24 – Article Reminder

March 30 – Articles + Categories (good list of article suggestions)

March 23 – Call for Articles

Articles + Categories

Again, a call for articles for the June 2009 issue of Preservation in Pink. Need article ideas? I would like to see a few articles/essays (or even short paragraph responses) that can answer one or more of these questions:

1. Why do you love historic preservation?

2. How do you think historic preservation can “save the world”?

3. How do you describe historic preservation to those who are unfamiliar with the field?

4. Why does historic preservation matter?

5. What are the drawbacks of historic preservation?

These questions have been answered by the National Trust and other organizations, each in their own way; however, these are subjects that deserve thought and consideration from everyone in the field. 

Other articles:

1. Traveling as a preservation (or as a non-preservationist)

2. How has the environment + sustainability movement touched your life?

3. Work stories and experience

4. Preservation home projects from organizing your family archives to restoring a historic house

This is not an inclusive list – all other ideas are welcome, from conventional to unconventional, photographs and other artwork included.


On a different note, I have been working to clean up the categories of all of the posts. You’ll notice changes on the categories sidebar for the next week or so. In the end, it should be more user friendly for finding what you want on Preservation in Pink.


December Issue Update

This issue is in the process of layout. I will have it ready, posted, and emailed on Friday! If you have any lingering comments or photographs or perhaps a mini-article to send my way, please do so by Thursday morning.  Thanks!


Inspired by an idea from Missy, in this next issue of Preservation in Pink, there will be a confessions column.  What are the anti-preservation habits that you have? What do you talk about, but just can’t seem to do yourself? 

Please send an email to with your confession. Whether it’s shopping or eating at chain stores or not agreeing with a certain preservation theory or wanting to live in new house…anything goes.

I’m not sure of the exact format yet, so for now please do not leave comments – just send an email.  No articles required, just a few words about your anti-preservation habits.