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Roads at Shelburne Farms.

Afternoon view at Shelburne Farms: sheep on the left, mountains up ahead, traveling along a dirt road.

Welcome to summer, everyone! Happy Memorial Day! Are you ready for a three day weekend? How was your week? Learn anything new? Have fun adventures? I’m looking forward to a weekend of some Vermont explorations and cheering on the runners in the Vermont City Marathon + Relay. Here are some interesting stories from around the internet.

Have the best weekend, everyone. Take pictures, laugh, eat ice cream, enjoy the sunshine, eat locally, all good things. Cheers!

With Your Coffee

Spring blossoms.

Happy Sunday, friends. How was your week? I hope your weekend includes your favorite mug, delicious coffee, and people you love. While you’re sitting around on a nice Sunday morning, afternoon, or evening, here are some interesting reads from this week.

Have you ever wanted to live in a ghost town? Visit sure, but live?

Shipping containers are in vogue right now. What would you do with one? 

Maple sugaring in Vermont. 

Residents in Chicago are complaining about festivals in their park. (Aren’t parks for festivals?)

Instagram recommendaton of the week: @michaelrallen for snapshots in St. Louis, MO. 

What are your favorite reads from this week? Have a great day!

With Your Coffee

My mom and me at the Lake House in Lake Placid, NY. I love my mom!

My mom and me at the Lake House in the historic Lake Placid, NY. I love my mom!

Happy Sunday Mother’s Day (or Happy Monday, depending on when you read this)! To all the mothers out there, may you have a lovely day and know how much we all love our mothers and mother-figures. Here are a few reads from around the internet talking about history, architecture, design and culture:

How was your weekend? Favorite reads? Favorite activities? Have a great week!

With Your Coffee

#ihavethisthingwithfloors = one of the best internet trends lately.

#ihavethisthingwithfloors = one of the best internet trends lately. This floor is in the women’s’ bathroom at the Vermont State House. Yes, even the bathroom floor is beauitufl in that building. 

Happy weekend, friends! How are you? Hopefully Spring has sprung where you are. I can see flowers, green grass and buds in Vermont! Why am I always talking about the weather? Because I get so excited for warm weather in Burlington; I can’t help it. Today I spent the day in Montpelier with all of the Vermont preservation consultants and the Division for Historic Preservation staff at a training for preservation consultants. How fun it was to see everyone together. Side note: most of us are graduates of the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program. Also, Happy Preservation Month! I hope you have fun weekend plans, including watching the Kentucky Derby, wearing big hats, and drinking Mint Juleps. Or something equivalent. Cheers! xo.

What’s going on in your world? Any interesting news? I’d love to know!

With Your Coffee (Monday Edition)

Set your sights high! This is the CN Tower in Toronto.

Set your sights high! This is the CN Tower in Toronto. I have many more Toronto photos to share this week. 

Good Monday morning, everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Anything fun? It was a fairly quiet weekend around Vermont. Having just finished week two of a new job, I am still catching up on sleep! Now I am working as a Preservation Planner for VHB, an engineering + environmental firm. {My views remain my own on PiP.} It’s great! But, of course, all new jobs are exhausting in a good way. Week Three, here we go! What’s new in your world? Here are a few links from around the internet to give you inspiration for the week. The list begins with a few photos on Twitter, something easy. It’s going to be a good one! Coffee cheers, friends.

  • Manhattan, from above.  Side note: I love @historyepics on Twitter, but they never include the source of the photo and it drives me crazy. Anyone else?
  • Instagram recommendation of the week: @timhagley for beautiful midwestern shots.
  • And @presinpink is public on instagram. Meaning, you don’t have to sign up to see the photos.

Talk to you soon!

With Your Coffee

Good weekend morning, everyone! How was your week? It felt like springtime here in Burlington. Sunsets cast a beautiful glow over the city (see that photo – it’s taken at Perkins Pier).  Here are some links to enjoy with your Sunday morning coffee. Have anything good to share? I hope you are having a lovely weekend. What’s going on in your world?

Enjoy! Coffee cheers.

With Your Coffee

Happy weekend! How are you? This week I escaped the Vermont April weather by heading to Florida for a few days with my family and that sunshine sure felt great to this northerner. While I didn’t see much by way of historic districts or get the sense of urban planning, I did see a fair number of classic concrete block one-story mid century Florida homes. It was such a different environment. The sun, warmth, and palm trees were fabulous, but it’s always nice to come home to Burlington, Vermont. Thank you for the comments on last weekend’s “With Your Coffee.” Here are some good links for your morning coffee this weekend. Comment below if these articles speak to you. I’d love to chat.

Have a lovely weekend. Coffee cheers!

With Your Coffee

Warm days in Montreal, where this is never-ending architectural eye candy.

Warm days in Montreal, where this is never-ending architectural eye candy.

Happy weekend! It’s been a nice week here in Vermont and Montreal with a few days of warmer temperatures and (some) blooming flowers, giving us reminders of the beautiful warm months ahead. No matter what the season, one of my favorite things to do is sip a cup of coffee and read a good article or blog post, or discuss one with a friend. Here are a few items I’ve found recently; maybe you’ll like them too.

I hope your Easter weekend is perfect.  What are you reading? Let me know if you’d like to see this feature again. Coffee cheers!

For the Olympic Lovers: The Olympics and Place

The Winter Olympics have been near and dear to my heart for a long time, since my sister Annie O’Shea is on the USA Skeleton team. While she is not competing in the Olympics this time around (women’s skeleton had two spots, not three), it’s still exciting to cheer on the athletes whose names and faces are familiar to me. Go Bobsled & Skeleton!

Have you been watching the Olympics yet? Have you noticed the gorgeous scenery in and around Sochi? While you’re watching the Olympics with a preservation eye (let’s face it, we never stop thinking preservation), have you considered how the Olympics alter a place? Suddenly there is an entire village constructed, inhabited and then deserted. Surely this alters its host city. Does it have the benefit of creating beautiful spaces and opportunities for these cities? Or is it just too much to handle all at once?  It seems that cities have varying results, but overwhelmingly there are venues without a purpose.

A list of the summer and winter sports (wow, there are many more winter sports!)

Toboggan runs in Yosemite National Park, 1932.

The Bobsled/Skeleton/Luge track from the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics.

Olympic cities after the Olympics (a positive spin).

Decaying cities follow the Olympics (a negative spin).

And some eerie abandoned post Olympic venues.

Three lessons cities should learn by hosting the Olympics.

Successful changes to Barcelona due to the 1992 Olympics.

The Olympic City Project, a book documenting post Olympic cities, and the NPR interview (with photos).

The 1932 Bobsled and Skeleton track at Lake Placid, NY. The 1980 track remains in use.

What do you think? What should cities take into consideration when bidding on, planning for, and constructing the Olympic venues? And what can we do these monstrous venues following the close of each Olympics? Is there value in preservation? Planners, preservationists, everyone – what do you have to say?

Vermont Downtown & Historic Preservation Conference

It’s a busy week in preservation and for PiP adventures! Following the SIA conference, it’s time to head to another one, only this is much closer to home.

Tomorrow, Friday June 7, 2013, is the annual Vermont Downtown & Historic Preservation conference, to be held this year in Barre, Vermont. It’s not too late to register – do so online or at the morning registration. Come join us in Vermont for local history, master planning, discussions as to why downtowns are important, good keynote speakers & presenters, inspiring preservation awards, and much more! See the full program here.

This is a good place for all preservationists to meet others, to network and to learn! Students are encouraged to come. If you’re in central Vermont and heading to the conference, let me know. Hope to see you there. VT_DCHP_Program_2013_final
Last year’s HP Conference in Wilmington and the 2011 HP Conference in Poultney with write-ups here and here.