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My mom and me at the Lake House in Lake Placid, NY. I love my mom!

My mom and me at the Lake House in the historic Lake Placid, NY. I love my mom!

Happy Sunday Mother’s Day (or Happy Monday, depending on when you read this)! To all the mothers out there, may you have a lovely day and know how much we all love our mothers and mother-figures. Here are a few reads from around the internet talking about history, architecture, design and culture:

How was your weekend? Favorite reads? Favorite activities? Have a great week!

My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day (yesterday) Mommy! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. I hope your day was sunny and relaxing and spent how you chose.


Tulips and a flowering apple tree at Chimney Point State Historic Site.

My mom has been my preservation influence from the beginning, long before she or I had heard the term “historic preservation.” On family outings, Mom could tell us the stories of buildings, farms, and roads across Long Island. She always has memories to associate with places that we’d see, because she grew up where my sisters and I were growing up. My mom always liked to talk to people and visit historic sites, stop and look at farms, get out and about and go exploring. Mom, your continuing enthusiasm for everything – including what I do – is always an inspiration to me. There are so many days that I wish I could bring you to work with me because I know you’d enjoy my day, too. Thank you for everything. You’re the best and I’m so happy that you’re my mom.

Mom, in case you have forgotten, I wrote this post about you a few years back.