Wednesday Thankfulness

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and here at Preservation in Pink, each day of the week will be dedicated to a different subject of preservation thankfulness.

Monday Thankfulness. Tuesday Thankfulness.


Today I am thankful for memories. Memories forge connections with places and those places become important to us. Good memories, nostalgic memories, make our hearts swell and give us a sense of peace. They give us a fond story to tell over and over and images to recall when passing through. Memories keep us grounded, remind us who we are and where we came from; they provide hope and comfort and guidance. Without our individual and collective memories, we would not know what was important to our ancestors or what might be important to our descendants.

Long Island, NY beaches hold some of my favorite memories.

The long leaf pines of the Sandhills Region in North Carolina.

Memories should always include a cute kitten. Here's a baby Izzy.

Take time to wax poetic on your memories and be grateful for them. They’ve made you who you are.

Cute Start to a Monday

Every Monday needs a kitten and a flamingo, right?


Mr. Stilts and Scooter.

Isn’t Scooter adorable? He’s the newest addition to my parents’ house. I love this kitten.

The Kitten Who Liked Measured Drawings

Previous Izzy appearances seen here, here, here, and here.

As already discussed, Izzy is no longer small enough to share my desk with me. This is what happens when I need the entire space for drawing and she decides to stage a coup d’etat. Thanks, Izzy. (If you’ve ever wondered, we think Izzy is part Angora.)

First, Izzy surveys the desk area.

Next, she gets a bit closer to my work.

She plays cute so I don't mind that she's all over my papers.

She likes to touch the pencils.


Pencil, notes, architect's scale...check.


And stretchhhh during all of this work.

Wondering what is taking so long...

Oh so tired.

And naptime.


The Kitten Who Took Over My Desk

Semester two: finished! I’ll get to a semester review another time, but first I thought I’d step away from the academic thoughts and bring Izzy back to the blog. See her other appearances here and here. While I feel like I have spent most of my days in the recent past studying or writing papers while sitting at my desk, Izzy has spent most of her days around me, invading my space. So here is a photo tour of Izzy’s life lately, which is probably more interesting than me just sitting at my desk. (Warning, if you’re not a cat person, this post might be cat overload. You see, when I’m stuck at my desk studying and writing, there is little to distract me except the cat… and the camera is always nearby.)

Izzy coming over to say hello and see what's going on with work.


Izzy decides she wants to sit on my desk. And there goes the desk.

Izzy plops on my notebooks, claims my watch, and enjoys sitting next to a big mug of coffee.

Izzy eats my watch. She likes to steal things of mine.

Izzy tries to eat whatever pen I'm holding.

This is how Izzy writes paper. It's as helpful as it looks.

Assisting with typing. (Not posed, folks.)

Pretending she can proofread, stalking my typing fingers -- I have no idea.

Izzy realizes I'm not leaving my desk and sighs. She's also waiting for Lucas to stroll by so she can have an a good position for attack.

Izzy got a new flamingo, because Vinny loves her too. She destroyed the old one and tore off the string so we couldn't swing it for her anymore. She has some awesome acrobatic jumps. That's Lucas' paw in the bottom left corner; he appreciated the new cat toy, too.

Izzy is quite happy with her shiny new flamingo. She wouldn't hold still for a picture!

It looks like she might destroy this one too.

Warming up for those high jumping cat moves.

And back to having coffee with me. This is why she was just meant to be my cat.

She's not always on my desk, though it's quite common. Sometimes she's just being adorable elsewhere.

And I love this cat so much because she makes me laugh when school is stressful -- take this face for example. What fluffy chipmunk cheeks!

Your Thoughts

Preservation in Pink readers,

I would like to collect your favorite thoughts, sayings, or quotes relating to historic preservation. Simply, is there one phrase or line that always reminds you of preservation? A wonderful quote, perhaps? A saying that you have? It doesn’t have to be said by a famous author – something you’ve written would be much better!

Spring is taking a while to arrive in the northeast, it’s around midterm time or a semester crunch for many students, it’s almost tax day, it’s raining — whatever your trouble may be right now, a collection of sayings to make a preservationist smile would make an excellent springtime collaboration.

For instance, my favorite quote, one that always makes me smile and one that gets at the essence of preservation is:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

So what about you? What is your inspiration? What do you keep pinned above your computer, on your bulletin board, or at the end of your email? Leave a comment below, please.


P.S. Remember when Izzy was this big? Well, now this kitten, who likes to help me with my work, takes over my workspace. She’s giant!

The Kitten Who Loved Flamingos

Say hello to Izzy again.  This time she’s back, not studying, but hanging out on vacation in full blown flamingo fun.  (Readers, I hope you enjoy these kitten posts as a preservation break.)

Izzy and the flamingo.

Loving her new flamingo toy.

Stalking the flamingo.

Who knew there were flamingo cat toys?

Got it!

Hopefully this isn't how she feels about Preservation in Pink.

*Disclaimer: I did not buy this, but obviously someone who loves me did.

The Kitten Who Studied Architectural History

Meet Izzy: a three-month old white fluffy kitten joining us in our house. The benefits of a new kitten are wonderful: kitten cuteness to liven things up and make me smile when schoolwork was getting to be overwhelming, endless entertainment by silly kitten adventures, and a purring furball to stay up late with me when I am writing papers or studying.

Izzy. This picture is not posed; she thinks the laptop is hers.

She likes the pink flamingo computer.

Izzy enjoys walking across the keyboard, peeking over the back of the laptop, attacking my fingers as I type, and sitting under the laptop if it’s on my lap.  As you can see, Izzy helped to write my preservation planning paper and then during finals week she hung out with me at night to study for architectural history. Here is the tale of Izzy studying with me (it does not necessarily reflect  my study habits):

Days before studying, acknowledging and avoiding the book at the same time.

Here we go - studying class lectures.

Switching to notes and index cards.

Thinking she could possibly ingest the knowledge if she eats my notebook.

Izzy begins to wonder just how much more there is to study and how much time it will take...

Izzy needing something to stay awake!

Izzy getting tired of this studying thing.

And she's passed out in my arms.

And there you have it – that’s how tiring final exams can be. So Izzy the kitten may not be the best study partner ever, but she wasn’t the worst. But the cuteness, preservation friends, is why having a kitten by my side this last month of school was awesome.