Growing Up on Long Island

Being humans that we are, when we hear of a geographic location (state or region, for example), we probably have preconceived notions of the lifestyle there  and subsequently what it would have been like to grow up in that area.  What comes to mind when you hear the south, the north, the west, California, South Dakota, New York, Georgia, Kentucky, Wisconsin? It’s probably a mixture of accents, surfboards, cows, skyscrapers, peaches, farm country, hill country, home cooking, and any other region based image, right? And it’s not really a bad thing, unless you let it control your thoughts after that first impression, right? And that you keep these stereotypical thoughts to yourself.

Anyway, for those reasons I’m intrigued by New York Times Art Review on February 18, 2009, “Nostalgic Exhibit with Room for Play” about the exhibit “Growing Up on Long Island” at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, New York. 

I’m not sure what people think when I tell them I’m from Long Island, but some of the responses I’ve received are: “You don’t sound like it”; “I would have guessed Iowa”; and “You’re not a typical Long Island girl”. It’s always interesting. Regardless, I know what my life was like and I know what my mother’s life was like, growing up on Long Island. But, are they typical? Is anything typical or just stereotypical? I’d like to see if the exhibit to see if our lifestyles are represented. The review states that everyone should find something to connect with and it includes the recent past as well, to make sure that children are interested.  It seems to be mostly nostalgic and fun, though a few more serious issues are included.

The exhibit runs through October, so I’ll be sure to visit when I’m home this summer and share the visit.