Thanksgiving Flamingo-grams

Hoping everyone had a lovely extended weekend. Count your blessings year round. Here are some of mine from the weekend.

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And Happy 21st Birthday to my youngest sister, Erin!


Fred the Flamingo

Fred the Flamingo, a large, pink, free-standing (not quite a stuffed animal) was introduced to us by Elyse and became the traveling mascot for us flamingo girls, delighting us to no end. First introductions were priceless. Who exactly expects to see such a large free-standing (not quite a stuffed animal) flamingo hanging around? The first time I met Fred, I think my mouth dropped — there he was, just standing there. A (somewhat) life size pink flamingo? What could be better? From then on, Fred was one of the flock.

Fred & me, at our first meeting in Abingdon, VA, March 2009.

Sadly, Fred the Flamingo has moved on to greener (pinker?) pastures. I’ll spare you any sad details. Instead, I’ll share some of Fred’s finer photographed moments with the flamingo girls.

Me, Elyse, Missy & Fred after Missy's engagement party.

Attack of the flamingo? Kidding!

Fred hanging out with Pip.

Fred all dressed up for a wedding. Nice tie.

Where are the rest of the flamingo girls? They somehow evaded the pictures — well, Fred was at the pre-wedding party for this picture, but only in spirit at the actual wedding & reception:

More flamingos and our flamingo table card. {Insert Fred in the background.}

You had to see Fred to believe it.

Point being? We’ll miss you, Fred! We’re silly, yes. But we have a good time. Why the name Fred? It must be because Mary Washington is in Fredericksburg.

My Mom

Midterm week, the busiest week of the semester, calls for some preservation fun (on the blog anyway). Today I have some family photographs of my mom. The first one was taken in August 1957.  Mom, could you get any cuter?

And here is my mom at about 7 years old. She and my sister Sarah are practically twins at this age. Again, adorable.

For a wonderful post on family photographs check out Sabra’s My Own Time Machine.