Win Free Coffee!

Did you miss the post last week? Check out the announcement at the top of the blog homepage.  Preservation in Pink is running a contest to name the adopted flamingo. Hurry up, you can only submit name suggestions until Saturday! Everyone is eligible to participate: readers, contributors, first time visitors.

Contest Rules:

  1. Submit names for the flamingo until Saturday May 9, 2009.
  2. Once all suggestions are in, I’ll post them and hold it to a vote.
  3. You may submit more than one name.
  4. Votes will be in comment form and each voter can only vote once, for one name.
  5. Voting for the name will be May 10-17.
  6. Winner will receive a prize (not flamingo related – more like coffee from my favorite local coffee shop or something like that).
  7. If more than one person suggests the same name, it will credited to the first one who commented or emailed.

The prize (for the person who submitted the name that wins) will be coffee (whole bean or ground) from my favorite coffee shop, Java Bean in Southern Pines. If you don’t like coffee, I’ll make sure that you win tea or chai, something good like that.

Why a contest? Why not? This flamingo needs a name! Why coffee? About 99% of the preservationists I know love coffee. We love local coffee shops for the service and atmosphere.


Sent to me by Jen Gaugler, fluent in architecture and historic preservation, this website, WebUrbanist is addicting. You might get lost. You will not be able to look away because there are photographs of recycled art and architecture, green architecture, abandoned buildings, beach houses, houses dubbed “amazing,” Greek art, street art, furniture, photography tricks, abandoned cities…it never ends! 

The website itself is slightly cumbersome because the advertisements take up half the screen when all we really want to see are the pictures, but it’s still worth your time and scrolling the mouse. Check it out. Think about it. Share comments if you’d like.  And you might want to have a clock nearby so you don’t lose your day to architecture (not that that is ever a bad thing, but you might have other responsibilities.)

Easy access links from WebUrbanist


Abandonments (my personal favorite & another topic for another post)



Step out of your box & find the inspiration in all of these subjects (& more listed on the site.)

Enjoy! Thank you Jen!