Flamingo Valentine

 Happy Valentine’s Day! 

A preservation valentine to share with you: 


The most creative Valentine from one of my dear flamingos, Kerry. Thanks Kerry!


And it was delicious.

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Thanksgiving Flamingo-grams

Hoping everyone had a lovely extended weekend. Count your blessings year round. Here are some of mine from the weekend.

You can follow Preservation in Pink happenings through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr — the sources for photographs and images if it’s not a blog post day. All of these are linked to each other (so the images should be found at each source) can be found on the sidebar of the main blog page. And every so often I’ll round up the images for a Flamingo-grams post on the blog. You’ll notice that not every photograph is directly historic preservation – some includes family, travel, baking, pets, just bits and pieces from my sense of place and environment. If you have links to share, please do.

And Happy 21st Birthday to my youngest sister, Erin!

Preservation ABCs: F is for Flamingo

Preservation ABCs is a series that will work its way from A to Z, bringing words into conversation that are relevant to historic preservation, whether it’s an idea, feature or vocabulary term. The idea is to help you see preservation everywhere you look and wherever you go. Enjoy! See previous letters.


F is for Flamingo

Historic preservation and the flamingo: an obvious connection to some, yet a puzzle to those new to the Preservation in Pink world. The beginning of the link between historic preservation and flamingos dates to Mary Washington College, ca. 2003-2006. You can read that story here. In brief, the flamingo has been the underlying bond between eight of us since graduation when we scattered across the country, and it became a way to tie each other together throughout studies, conversations and eventually across the world. Sending each other pink flamingos reminded us of our shared passion and the fact that there was a group of classmates and friends for support in any way. Admittedly, it has grown a bit out of control. (And it’s so easy now because flamingos are very much in vogue everywhere!)

The pink flamingo says to everyone that preservation is not all academics and only for professionals; it is a wide reaching field that applies to everyone. Preservation can be connected to folk art and material culture kitsch like the pink flamingo in addition to serious topics like national policies, building restoration, quality of life issues, transportation, local businesses and shaping the future of our communities. Preservation discussions can be held in the classroom, a board room, at a coffee shop, casually or seriously.

In the world of Preservation in Pink, the flamingo will always be a focus. Hopefully when you see a pink flamingo, you’ll think of the positive outlook and good effects that historic preservation has in your world, and you can teach others about it.

Keep sending flamingo links, thoughts, photos, etc.

Traveling Flamingo Style

It’s a week of travel for Mr. Stilts and Preservation in Pink. Follow along! Happy summer!


There may have been some preservation work required on this vacation.


What is a road trip without coffee?


A flamingo in the sunshine state. One of its natural habitats.


Complimentary orange juice at the Florida Welcome Center on I-95. A tradition to many.

More to come!

PiP On the Road

Preservation in Pink is heading south to Wilmington, VT for the historic preservation and downtown conference.
Hope to see you there!


In the meantime, check twitter or facebook for PiP updates and photos. PiP will give this social media a test run.

Flamingo Valentine


The Preservation in Pink flamingos send you love, preservation, pink, sweets & happiness today. Enjoy it with some coffee and chocolate or your favorite decadent treat. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Meet Adelaide


Miss Adelaide came with the name, Splits - she is a beanie baby, but since all of my flamingos are boys, it seemed time for a girl flamingo with a real name. I still love the others, don't worry.

Meet the newest member of the Preservation in Pink flamingo family, Miss Adelaide.

Forgetting the others? Check out the family portraits.

Mr. Stilts & Squawky (whose name comes from the imagined sound that flamingos make - squawk. Poor thing needs a better name. Ideas?

Pip, the first flamingo mascot.

 Disclaimer: I really haven’t named any of these flamingos, except Adelaide. Welcome to the flamingo family! 

So Long, Farewell 2011

A busy year it has been. Everyone always makes that remark at the end of a year, and it’s nice to hear people amazed and impressed  by the year that has just passed. And my goodness, it has been around here, too. From record setting snowstorms last winter, to flooding in the spring, a tropical storm and more flooding in August and the recovery efforts, – it’s been exhausting and uplifting to live in the year 2011.

Mr. Stilts &  Squawky: the flamingos wish you a happy 2012.

Wishing you all health, happiness and success in all aspects of life. Cheers! Happy New Year! Enjoy saying farewell to 2011 and welcoming 2012.

Flamingo Motel

Who wants to stay at the Flamingo Motel? I’ve seen one in Michigan, but I also have one under my tree.

Flamingo Motel located underneath my Christmas tree.

Click and zoom in for some fun details like $29 per day, Check out time at 11:00 am, after hours key drop, curtains in the window, smaller flamingos around the building, a Do Not Disturb sign, Color TV & air conditioned…. such fun!

Holiday lights on the Flamingo Motel.

Enjoy the week before Christmas. Anticipation is one of the best parts of Christmas.