Merry Christmas Eve


Flamingos live in my Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have time to relax, unplug, enjoy good company, and spend time around a beautiful Christmas tree. If you’re looking for some holiday entertainment, check out a few Christmas links.

The original 1966 How the Grinch Stole Christmas (watch the entire film for free).

The most recent dialect quiz from The New York Times. (Good family fun, avoiding politics and religion.)

 A photo of the first (1931) Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. (Have you been to Rockefeller Center?)

An O’Shea family Christmas tree (with my sister Sarah for scale, before we decorate).

Speaking of trees, did you catch the post on Christmas Tree sale typology?

A delicious cookie recipe: candy cane twists. (Always a favorite.)

Eggnog news story and recipe. (Yum!)

Past Preservation in Pink posts about Christmas.(Shopping to trees, carols, decorations, and more.)

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy the holiday. 



Flamingo-grams Special Edition: Flamingos in NYC!

Just a lovely blur of weekend with some of the flamingo gang as we toured New York City. Expect more to about our trip, but here’s a collage for now, posted for the benefit of those who do not follow PiP on instagram or Twitter (@presinpink on both).  Enjoy! There are many more photos to come! {Click the individual photos for larger images and full captions.}

Flamingo Travels

This weekend the flock, or at least half of us, are exploring New York City. Follow along on instagram and twitter for a flamingo overdose!





Mickey’s Diner

Mickey’s Diner is located in St. Paul, MN is the first diner listed in the National Register of Historic Places (1983). It is one of the first diners to be built in the Art Deco style. Manufactured in New Jersey, shipped to and assembled in St. Paul, the diner has been owned and operated by the same family since 1939. Read more of the history here.


Mr. Stilts jumping into a photo with Mickey’s Dining Car.


The interior of Mickey’s Diner.


Dinner time! Or breakfast if you’re so inclined.


The juke boxes do not work, but it adds to the original ambiance.

If you’re in St. Paul, swing by, 24 hours a day/365 days a year!

The Traveling Flamingo

Mr. Stilts is still out and about in the Midwest, making the rounds through St. Paul and Minneapolis. Here are a few photos so far, with tales of conferences, adventures, and sights to come.





Flamingo Club

You know I’m not kidding when I tell you that this was a birthday present and I love it. And it reminds me of an early flamingo trip to South Beach, Miami, FL.


Art Deco + flamingos = a good time


Obviously, we flamingos would stay here.


Concrete, movie posters, details, details!!


I love the flat roof architectural detail.


love flamingos.

A welcome addition to any home. Thanks, Mom & Dad! {Everyone feeds the flamingo addition. Further recent proof here: Flamingo Valentine, Mr. Stilts & card, pasta & plates.)

Books, Brick Buildings & Backroads

Certain places will always tug at our hearts, filled with nostalgia, good memories, and chapters in the book of our lives that answer questions like: how did we become who we are? What has shaped us over the years? Where were we before this? These are places that may seem far away from the present, but if you stepped into them, memories would flood back to you. These are places that mean so much to us, places you will never forget and don’t want to forget.

Kenmore Plantation: where I spent many mornings cleaning the plaster ceiling with dental tools and toothbrushes.

Kenmore Plantation: where I spent many mornings cleaning the plaster ceiling with dental tools and toothbrushes.

Mary Washington College, dear in my heart.

Mary Washington College, dear in my heart.

Fredericksburg, VA.

Fredericksburg, VA.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, particularly the University of Mary Washington, is one of those places to me. It’s a chapter in my life that I keep with me still (hello, flamingos!) and cherish. Sure, the day to day worries of school exams and track meets and other issues have faded, but the brick lined campus walk, the historic preservation department, the streets that I’d walk or run everyday are embedded in my heart. Whether coffee at Hyperion Espresso, sleepless nights in the drafting lab or computer lab, learning from our professors, or admiring the beautiful historic buildings of Fredericksburg, Mary Washington represents my formative years as a historic preservationist (though I must have been one before I arrived) and it’s where the flamingos first flocked together, a group of intelligent, beautiful women whose bonds mean the world to me.

Flamingos flocked here.

Flamingos flocked here.

Hyperion Espresso in downtown Fredericksburg.

Hyperion Espresso in downtown Fredericksburg.

A visit to Hyperion Espresso.

A visit to Hyperion Espresso.

Suffice to say, when I was invited to be a part of the Center for Historic Preservation’s book prize jury, I was elated, honored and happy to be a part of Mary Washington in a different sphere (as a professional colleague instead of student). This included reading 17 books over the past few months, but it also entailed a springtime visit to Virginia, preservation chatter and scholarship, catching up with professors, meeting fellow preservationists, and visiting some of my favorite people. As evident by the photographs, Mr. Stilts came along for the ride, all in the name of Preservation in Pink entertainment.

The stack of book prize nominations.

See my challenge: The stack of book prize nominations.

Downtown Fredericksburg, VA.

Downtown Fredericksburg, VA.

I realized I was strolling the streets of Fredericksburg with Mr. Stilts peaking out of my bag -- totally not posed!

I realized I was strolling the streets of Fredericksburg with Mr. Stilts peaking out of my bag — totally not posed!

The book prize will be announced in May, so I can’t say anything about it now. I will note that the morning sun in the preservation conference room with coffee, stacks of books and good company made for an excellent segment of my Virginia weekend.

Strolling down campus walk at Mary Washington.

Strolling down campus walk at Mary Washington.

Following a stay in Fredericksburg, my sights were set on rural Hanover county, exploring on a sunny day and arriving at Ali & Hume’s in time for a flamingo mini-reunion evening. {If you revisit that post, the house has come a long way!} The roads to Ali’s were narrow and winding, and brought fond memories of learning Virginia architecture. The landscape struck me: large fields, farmhouses set in a cluster of trees far from the road. Small vernacular and modern houses are brick clad, as is typical Virginia. This was a good reminder of regional architecture. Vermont’s houses are often lined close to the roadway, valleys are deep, mountains reach high and roads follow waterways. Weatherboard is more common than brick in Vermont, storm windows are necessary, and gable front is a common form.

Driving in rural Virginia.

Driving in rural Virginia.

Narrow tree lined roads.

Narrow tree lined roads (blurry, sorry!)

Aside from visual reminders, the quiet rural night brought back memories. Lying in bed in the early hours of the morning, the sound of the nearby freight train rattled on the tracks, carrying across the fields near Ali & Hume’s house. I remembered how the sound carries differently when not in the mountains. And the railroad brings memories of Southern Pines, traveling by train along the east coast (various trips), and living in houses that physically shook when the freight trains passed through town. But that night I felt contently comforted by the rattling lull floating through the fields, lucky to be in the company of preservation friends who are so lovingly working on their Virginia home.

Dinnertime scenery in Hanover County.

Dinnertime scenery in Hanover County.

Flamingos, friends, books, coffee, preservation, winding roads, good food and some exploring in the sun. How could a weekend be any better?
Time to leave Virginia, flying back to Vermont.

Time to leave Virginia, flying back to Vermont.

Thank you Virginia for a lovely stay. See you soon.

March Flamingo-grams

It’s been a full month of adventure; before April and spring pick up speed, here’s a look back at the goings-on of Preservation in Pink. Some of these tales have yet to be told. Stay tuned! Where have you been? What have you been up to?

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Flamingo Spring


Thanks to Eric Gilbertson for this photograph.

It’s spring in West Woodstock, Vermont! Who else wants to crash this flamingo party?