Birthday Things

A birthday in roadside fashion certainly includes the world’s largest cupcake, even if it imaginary:

And if the cupcake is that big, I’m going to need the world’s largest pot of coffee and a giant¬† cup in which to hold it.¬† Note that the coffee pot pictured is the world’s largest Swedish coffee pot:

Both of these are in Stanton, Iowa, home of Virginia Christine, who is Mrs. Olson in the Folger’s commercials.

And I’ll probably need some flamingos who will share the giant cupcake and lots of coffee with me. Who’s in?

Cupcakes, coffee, flamingos … perfect. It seems like we have a case of, “If you give a mouse a cookie,” only it’s “if you give a flamingo a cup of coffee, she’ll surely want a cupcake, and some friends to join, and…” It’s a delicious cycle.

Now if only that homework thing could be resolved…

Trivia note: Did you know that “The Happy Birthday To You” song was popularized in the early 20th century, but before that, “Happy Birthday” was not seen on cakes?