Midnight Pumpkins

It might as well be midnight, as we are the people who carve pumpkins on Halloween night rather than for Halloween night. Still festive, though.


Haunted house pumpkin!

My artistic skills are nonexistent, so this is my best attempt at carving a house without a pumpkin carving knife. The style of this house? Vernacular, of course! I don’t think the house is any better than my flamingo jack-o-lantern from 2008.


Miss Bizzy Bee in pumpkin form!

Vinny, however, has skills that make mine look pathetic. He carved Izzy, whom you’ve met many times here on PiP. While Vinny was carving, Izzy sat on the chair to watch and pose. No joke!


Izzy is bigger than the house!

Now, I realized after the fact that my pumpkin looks like the house is on fire. That is not what I was going for; I intended a spooky, crooked house. Better luck next year?

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

The Kitten Who Liked Measured Drawings

Previous Izzy appearances seen here, here, here, and here.

As already discussed, Izzy is no longer small enough to share my desk with me. This is what happens when I need the entire space for drawing and she decides to stage a coup d’etat. Thanks, Izzy. (If you’ve ever wondered, we think Izzy is part Angora.)

First, Izzy surveys the desk area.

Next, she gets a bit closer to my work.

She plays cute so I don't mind that she's all over my papers.

She likes to touch the pencils.


Pencil, notes, architect's scale...check.


And stretchhhh during all of this work.

Wondering what is taking so long...

Oh so tired.

And naptime.


Kitten Edition

Actually, Izzy is no longer a kitten (as she was in her antics here, here, and here); her birthday was in September. She still loves me most of all when I have homework to do. Man, is she going to be bummed when I graduate in December.

She's very serious.

And she's absolutely adorable as she's lounging on my homework.

More Izzy-as-a-cat photos coming soon!

Cat of a Preservationist

Meet Fuzzy. He likes to study.

Meet Fuzzy. He likes to study.

Meet Fuzzy, formerly known as Harley, a 7 pound orange Tabby cat with black markings scattered on his fur. He’s antisocial, generally, but loves when I take out my books to study. He likes hanging around when I write for Preservation in Pink. He likes to be within reach of being touched, as long as I don’t actually touch him. Still, he just can’t help but get involved with my preservation career. Talk about a supportive cat. Too bad he’s afraid of the plastic lawn flamingos in my living room. That, or he’s jealous that he’s not our mascot.


Does anyone else have a pet who loves preservation studying? Send in some photographs!