Preservation Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: Describe this brickwork on the municipal building in White River Junction, VT.

Many of you may be familiar with brick bonds, but what would you brick detailing? In this photograph, the bricks are turned and set in patterns. How would describe the brickwork in this snapshot?

Preservation Photos #108

A striking house in the center of Brownsville, VT. September 2011. Click and zoom for greater detail.

By my own observations, brick buildings are much more common in southern Vermont than in northern Vermont. However, this is unique. The frame wing is attached to the brick structure.

Preservation Photos #42

Preservation pop quiz: Who wants to take a guess as to what happened to this brick wall? (The brick dates to ca. early 1800s, but is a veneer to a ca. 1785 wood frame beneath it.) Click for a larger image.