Blog Update: A Series Page

A Preservation in Pink blog update: now when you visit the site there is a new page for better blog organization. Visit the “Series” page (click on the top menu) and you’ll be able to browse through the past and present series featured on Preservation in Pink, from Preservation ABCs to Preservation Basics and more.

Hopefully readers find this useful. It’s all part of the 2013 goal to make PiP more searchable and accessible, and to share the many topics discussed over the years. More improvements are on the way. Thanks for reading!


Articles + Categories

Again, a call for articles for the June 2009 issue of Preservation in Pink. Need article ideas? I would like to see a few articles/essays (or even short paragraph responses) that can answer one or more of these questions:

1. Why do you love historic preservation?

2. How do you think historic preservation can “save the world”?

3. How do you describe historic preservation to those who are unfamiliar with the field?

4. Why does historic preservation matter?

5. What are the drawbacks of historic preservation?

These questions have been answered by the National Trust and other organizations, each in their own way; however, these are subjects that deserve thought and consideration from everyone in the field. 

Other articles:

1. Traveling as a preservation (or as a non-preservationist)

2. How has the environment + sustainability movement touched your life?

3. Work stories and experience

4. Preservation home projects from organizing your family archives to restoring a historic house

This is not an inclusive list – all other ideas are welcome, from conventional to unconventional, photographs and other artwork included.


On a different note, I have been working to clean up the categories of all of the posts. You’ll notice changes on the categories sidebar for the next week or so. In the end, it should be more user friendly for finding what you want on Preservation in Pink.


Book Club Begins

The Preservation in Pink Book Club has officially chosen its first book. See the Book Club page for more information. It is now a permanent fixture on this site.

Hope you will join us!