Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Whether you’re at a barbecue, watching fireworks, spending the day at the beach, enjoying a parade, or enjoying a nice day, remember that July 4th celebrates July 4, 1776 for the signing of the Declaration of Independence – when the colonies adopted independence (declared July 2) and freedom from Great Britain. … Continue reading Independence Day

Labor Day

 Ah, Labor Day: barbecues, lingering warm summer weather, family, friends, the last beach weekend before school starts (up north anyway), a three day weekend for the working folk, and just an all around good time. The sound of Labor Day recalls memories to me of visiting Point Lookout, having the chance to hang out with … Continue reading Labor Day

This Place Matters

The National Trust for Historic Preservation launched a campaign entitled “This Place Matters,” in May 2008, during National Preservation Month.  “This Place Matters” encourages citizens to print out a sign reading National Trust for Historic Preservation, this place matters and to photograph the place with the sign.  After taking the photograph, it can be uploaded … Continue reading This Place Matters

About PiP & Kaitlin O’Shea

Welcome, friends! Nice to meet you. I’m Kaitlin O’Shea, the writer of Preservation in Pink. “What is Preservation in Pink?” you might ask. Do you want the short or long version? Your choice. The short story:  Connecting the dots from every day life to historic preservation, with coffee in one hand. Photographs, discussions, preservation education and advocacy, caffeinated … Continue reading About PiP & Kaitlin O’Shea