What a Year So Far

Hello friends –

2020. It’s been quite the year so far. I’m not sure where to pick up since it’s been a while. It feels like 2019 was a lifetime ago. To think that I thought moving into a fixer upper house and having baby #2 would be the big headlines of the year.

How unique is it to know that we are living through a significant chapter of history? It is a lot to process. A pandemic. Racial unrest. Hopefully a positive turning point in the work to erase racism in our country. Important change. Perhaps the most important election of all time. And on top of everything, we all still need to manage our day to day lives, selves, jobs, households, children, etc. Nothing worth having comes easy, so the saying goes. At times it can be exhausting, heartbreaking, sad, and every emotion. Hopefully you are able to find time to rest, recharge, and connect with loved ones, even if only digitally.

Preservation in Pink is still here. I’ve stepped back – clearly – to manage work, home, life, but I’m grateful to those of you who still visit and find value in Preservation in Pink.  I’ll post as I’m able. I have a playground post waiting in the wings.

In the meantime, I hope you are well. I wish you good health, happiness, safety, and sanity. Please know ALL are welcome here. EVERYONE is important to our shared heritage.

I urge you to be kind. And please vote. Make sure you register to vote in time. It is your right as an American citizen! Make your vote count. Vote early. Request a mail in ballot if you can. Drop it off if you can. Find your state rules here: https://www.vote.org/voter-registration-rules/ .

Take care, everyone. – Kaitlin

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