On Leave

It’s been a quiet summer for Preservation in Pink, with good reason. My husband and I have been preparing for and are now welcoming the newest addition to our family: a baby girl! As you can imagine, she is well stocked in flamingo outfits and toys. We’re settling in and soaking up her cuteness. 

PiP will be in slow motion, adjusting to a new normal. No promises on a a schedule yet, since baby girl runs the show right now. There are new preservation adventures to be had with baby in tow (she has no choice in the matter!) And as we say in our circle of flamingos: the flamboyance is expanding yet again! 

Thank you for your support, preservation friends! 

7 thoughts on “On Leave

  1. Susie says:

    Congratulations, Kaitlin! I look forward to more Preservation in Pink, no matter how it evolves. Sending my best to you, your husband, and your baby girl!

  2. The Flensburg Files says:

    Congratulations Kaitlin and for both of you: welcome to parenthood! Being a father of an almost nine-year old myself , it will be a great time. SHow the little one around and let her be her. She’ll make both of you proud! Alles Gute und viele Grüße aus Deutschland!

    Jason Smith
    Columnist and Photographer
    The Flensburg Files and Bridgehunter’s Chronicles

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