Feels like spring today in Brandon, VT. #presinpink

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6 thoughts on “Feels like spring today in Brandon, VT. #presinpink

      • Centralia Heart says:

        We are having a huge storm. There were more than 4 inches on the ground when we woke up and it is coming down at about 2 inches or more per hour. Steve will have to plow us out with the tractor but right now we are just enjoying being inside and hanging out. This is the first “real” snowstorm we have had in a few years. It is cool!

        • Kaitlin says:

          How did you fare in the second storm? We’ve had lots of snow in Burlington. The most at once since 2013. It’s been lots of fun! Though this weekend, it’s been 45/50 and sunny, so the snow is melted. Oh well. Hoping for more snow!

          • Centralia Heart says:

            we were OK. It was a lot of snow. Monday was worse with very high winds. Steve had to stay on stand by at the fire house because trees were coming down all over and blocking roads , and landing on houses and cars. Sure glad that was over. He was exhausted when he finally got home.

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