The Worthy Inn of Manchester, VT

Abandoned Vermont: Manchester Inn is one of the more popular posts in the series. The inn was the subject of debate when it closed and  then again when it was scheduled for demolition to make way for a new hotel. While there was much concern about the new hotel, the architecture fits in with the historic district setting. Have you seen it? What do you think? If you haven’t, take a look at website: Taconic.

The inn has had a few names. Here’s a quick list:

  • 1907: opens as the Orchard Park Hotel
  • 1919: bought by Julia and James Brown, renamed The Worthy Inn
  • 1945-1986: various owners, name remains The Worthy Inn
  • 1986: bought by Ann & Jay Degen, name changed the Village Country Inn
  • 2009: Inn goes into foreclosure

A reader, Gregory, kindly sent some postcard images that he thought fans of The Worthy Inn / The Village Country Inn would enjoy. Take a look!




Real photo postcard. 



Worthy Inn dining room, real photo postcard. 


Worthy Inn lobby, real photo postcard. 



Thank you, Gregory!




4 thoughts on “The Worthy Inn of Manchester, VT

  1. Nancy Mouat says:

    My mom was one of the owners of The Worthy Inn from 1980-1984. My brothers and I worked there at various times doing everything from bartending to wallpapering. It was a beautiful building. Those are wonderful pictures. I was able to get inside right before it was demolished. Many great memories.

    • Pat says:

      I remember staying at the Worthy Inn when I was maybe ten yrs old. We were sent through the Fresh Air Fund. The family that owned it at the time, their name was Kolklaugh

  2. Renee Tanner says:

    I was married at The Village Country Inn 25 years ago, 08/05/95.. We actually got engaged at the inn on Valentines weekend in 1994. When we tried to show our daughter the inn about 8 years ago, it was heartbreaking. There was a for sale sign, but when we called, they said it was condemned. It was a beautiful inn. I wish my daughter could have seen it in its glory!

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