Amoskeag School, 1898, Manchester, NH with the best pencil signage. #presinpink

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10 thoughts on “Amoskeag School, 1898, Manchester, NH with the best pencil signage. #presinpink

  1. Melanie says:

    Isn’t that school great? The pencil treatment is a wonderful marketing tool that also reminds us of the reuse of the building in a respectful and unique way. I grew up in Manch Vegas (as we locals call it) and the city has several lovely old schools like this which are now in various uses. The Ash Street school (about 2 or 3 miles away from Amoskeag) is extremely similar in appearance and was used as the School Administration building until a few years ago; now it is the headquarters of a private company. Others are now apartments, office buildings, and other mixed-use zonings. The city started building more “modern” elementary schools mid-century but some of these old schools were still used as elementary schools during my 80s childhood. As they closed, the kids would be shuffled to newer schools as the city undertook major redistricting. One of my elemetary school friends attended a school very similar to Amoskeag and Ash Street schools until it closed in 1981.

    Have you seen the campus of Manchester Central High School? There are 4 buildings; the yellow-brick Classical Building is the oldest, dating to the 19th century, and has great copper treatments on the roof. The interior has a lot of wonderful woodwork and every year kids try to sneak up into the attic to poke around and peak out the windows…some teachers use that temptation as a motivator for their students: “if everyone scores at least x on the midterm, I’ll take you to the Classical attic.” (Told you I’m a local!) Next, the red “PA” (Practical Arts Auditorium) building is a few decades newer and its theatre is still used for public events; the James Building is very Brady Bunch and circa 1960s, with a skybridge between the Classical and the James. The Industrial Arts building is very boring cinderblock and nondescript as you would expect inside.

    Old schoolhouses of every style are in the top three of my favorite styles of old buildings; 18th century saltboxes and 19th century homestead shanties (and the occasional surviving soddies) round out that list.

  2. Chad says:

    Is that a school or a health center. Was the roof reconstructed? For me, the pencil is unnecessary and awkward. And the sign for the health center is jarring. Glad the saved the building though!

    • Kaitlin says:

      Chad, it is currently a health center, though it’s had a few uses over the years. The health center sign is jarring – agreed! However, I still like the pencil. This building is lucky to be saved because there are interstate on/off ramps just across the street!

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