Searching for a good preservation related podcast?

Need a preservation podcast? It took me a long time to get into podcasts. I’m the type of person who likes to have music playing all of the time, but podcasts to which I needed to pay attention were never quite my thing. However, after getting addicted to Serial podcast (Season 1) for my commute, I’ve been on the hunt for others that hold my attention.

I’ll browse Fresh Air, On Point and Vermont Edition to catch up on the news or hear new stories. I love Dear Sugar and Modern Love, and look forward to the new episodes every week. Yet, I was still looking for something preservation related or planning related. With a call to Twitter friends, @smithpres said 99% invisible is 100% awesome. She was right.

99% Invisible discusses the unnoticed architecture and design of the world that most of us do not stop to consider. Each episode has a unique topic and ranges from 15 min to 30+ minutes. You can scroll through the feed and listen to whateer catches your eye; no need to listen to them in order. There are so many fascinating episodes! I want to share so many new things with you! But, rather than reiterate what the podcast has to say, you should just listen to these episodes:

Episode 202: Mojave Phone Booth. There was a phone in the middle of the desert, miles away from pavement and towns.

Episode 200: Miss Manhattan. One woman was the model for so many of the statues in New York City.

Episode 188: Fountain Drinks. Did you know water fountains originated for public health reasons?

Episode 162: The Winchester Mystery House. It’s still a sad story, but not exactly what you think.

Episode 154: PDX Carpet. How the decades old carpet became a thing and became so loved.

Episode 93: Revolving Doors. The reason for the invention is hilarious.

Episode 75: Secret Staircases. What, there is more in LA than just freeways?

And there are so many more! Architecture, the built environment, random objects. I am obsessed. It’s like sitting in on my favorite class (Bob McCullough’s History on the Land at UVM) whenever I want.

Let me know which episode is your favorite, and of any other podcasts!


5 thoughts on “Searching for a good preservation related podcast?

  1. Mark says:

    Have you ever heard of the Toronto revolving door ? That’s when 2 people meet at opposite sides of the door at the same time, and the born-and-bred Torontonian only PRETENDS to be pushing his share of the weight. That’s why the revolving door is only used 28% of the time….because the true natives will only use it when they see a dupe approaching at the same time. Oh, and don’t worry about chivalry or respect for another human being…that’s not on the table here.

  2. Susie says:

    I love this podcast! The one on fire escapes still sticks with me. Also Holdout (the house is still there! Wondering how long it will last) and the episode on Thomassons. So many good ones!

    • Kaitlin says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Susie. I’ve got to look for these. I just heard one about the Ouija boards, which was pretty fascinating, too.

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