The same, but different. Can you spot it? #presinpink

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2 thoughts on “The same, but different. Can you spot it? #presinpink

  1. Suzassippi says:

    Interesting, 3 in a row! The furtherest house is hard to see due to the auto sign, but does seem to have the bay window, and a pent roof like the middle house. Furtherest also seems to have shutters on upper window. Obviously different paint schemes, and the trim on the gable on all three seems to differ. Upper windows on both gable end and above the porch differ on the first two nearest houses, and the door placement is different on those two. Do you think there was a pent roof on the first house and it has been removed? There is a line that might indicate a removal? First house has wood porch rails and columns and second house has metal. Third house looks like it might have original posts, as they are wider?

    What a cool little series of houses.

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