With Your Coffee


Good weekend morning! How are you? What are you up to? Sipping coffee, staring at your Christmas tree? That’s what I’m doing. Turn on the Netflix fireplace, too, and I’m set. I love Christmastime, even though we have no snow in Burlington. And, it’s 35-50 degrees. Well, at least I’m not frozen yet! Have you finished your shopping? I have not, as per usual; but I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the final shopping days before Christmas.

If you are sipping coffee (or spiked eggnog), need something fun to read while the Christmas music is playing? A few links from around the internet:



5 thoughts on “With Your Coffee

  1. Paula Sagerman says:

    Love the crazy bus stops and houses. And thanks for the link to Photogrammer – didn’t know about it. It’s good to see lots of Vermont photos! Happy holidays, Kaitlin!

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