Ramp Entrances: Who Wore it Better? 

The same building, the same needs, and two entirely different results. 


Exhibit A: Access ramp of wood and transparent pipe railings.


Exhibit B: the more noticeable variety.

And, the funny thing is: the ramp on the left was constructed before the ramp on the right. My vote goes to A, for wearing it better. B obscures the historic buidling. Though, I mean no disrespect to Speeder & Earl’s coffeee; I love the coffee! 

 What do you think? 


8 thoughts on “Ramp Entrances: Who Wore it Better? 

  1. John Dumville says:

    Don’t you need to have balusters on an ADA railing? I do agree that the wood balusters are intrusive to the character of the building.

  2. Susie says:

    Example A does look much better! I also think that, when possible, having a ramp at the side of the building is much less obtrusive. But possibilities depend on the building design!

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